Everywhere a Sign – Some R Signs From 2018 #AtoZChallenge

Road trips can be redundant. Road trips can be real fun. Rarely is there anything dull along the way. Visit a small town on a back road and you will find something. Here are some R signs, including a collection of Roxy Theaters and Restroom signs…yes, some potty humor.  Enjoy the Read. Enjoy the Ride.



Rustic Rose Mercantile, Evant , Texas

Rustic Rose Mercantile, Evant, Texas

Don’t know a thing about this place, but sure love the sign.  Evant, Texas is a small community at the intersection of US Highway 281 and US Highway 84. I drove through here on my way from Lampassas to Hamilton.

Rover, Arkansas

Rover, Arkansas Post Office

Rover, Arkansas is a small place on Arkansas Highways 27 and 28 on the border of the Ouachita National Forest. Just a quick photo stop for me.

Red Light Garage Antiques and Restaurant, Wallace, Idaho

Red Light Garage Antiques and Restaurant, Wallace, Idaho
Red Light Garage, Wallace, Idaho

I spent the night in Wallace, Idaho on a snowy April evening.  Beautiful little town off of Interstate 90 between Missoula, Montana and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  It is one of those places I would love to have an extended visit to.  I got in late and so this restaurant was closed.  Maybe next time.

Rayne, Louisiana

Rayne, Louisiana — Frog Capital of the World

Rayne, Louisiana has laid claim to be the moniker of “Frog Capital of the World.”  To celebrate that, they have dozens of small frogs at store fronts around the town.  There are over a dozen frog-themed murals all over town as well. A fun little place.

Rayne is located off of Interstate 10 or US Highway 90 between Lake Charles and Lafayette.

Rusty Rooster, Elmore City, Oklahoma

Rusty Rooster Resale Shop, Elmore City, Oklahoma

On our way home from Texas in April 2018, we drive through Duncan, Oklahoma and then took US Highway 81 north to Marlow and then east on OK Highway 29, where we passed through Elmore City.  Loved the building that we saw there.  This is one of the reasons I always go through small towns on back roads.

Ronald Reagan Trail, Sparland, Illinois

Ronald Reagan Trail, Sparland, Illinois

I always enjoy taking labeled scenic highways and “trails.”  In early April 2018 I drove to Washington State and passed through Illinois along the Illinois River Road, which, at least in Sparland, Illinois included the Ronald Reagan Trail. The trail runs from Reagan’s ancestral home in Fulton, Illinois along the Mississippi River, where both of his parents came from, to his own birthplace in Tampico, Illinois, where one can still visit the apartment on the town strip where he was born. The Reagan Trail includes his boyhood home of Dixon, his birthplace in Tampico, his homes in Galesburg and Monmouth and the place which helped make him into a leader, Eureka College.  I took Illinois 29 north through Hopewell and Henry and followed the trail there a bit.

Roxy Theater Marquees – All Over the Place

Roxy Theater , Franklin, Kentucky
Roxy, Lexington, Kentucky
Roxy Theater, Ottawa, Illinois
New Roxy in Clarksdale, MS
Roxy Theatre in Choteau, Montana
Roxy Theatre in Langdon, ND
The Roxy Theater in Shelby, Montana

There are many theaters named Roxy dotting small towns and big towns across America.  Some of these above I have found (some were actually in 2017 travels as well).

What I didn’t know until this post, was that the name “Roxy” comes from the famed American dance/theatre/vaudeville and cinema entrepreneur Samuel L. Rothapfel, whose nickname was “Roxy.” It was Roxy that was responsible for the great appeal of spectacular movie palaces.   His philosophy:

Giving the people what they want is fundamentally and disastrously wrong. The people don’t know what they want. They want to be entertained, that’s all. Don’t give the people what they want–give ’em something better.

Roxy is also the man who created the Radio City Music Hall.  So, next time you go to a great old grand movie theater, think about Roxy!

Restrooms on the Road – A fun look at some of the places

When you are on a long road trip, face it, you gotta go.  Many places take advantage of this by creating an interesting “going experience.”  I keep my iPhone with me at all times just in case.  Here are a few that I came across over the past year.  Go with me on this potty adventure…and don’t forget to wash your hands!  And yes, I do take Selfies in the Restrooms.

I don’t care… I do take selfies in the bathroom sometimes.
King Cotton Restroom, Cotton Gin Cafe, Prosper, Texas
Men’s Room at Uranus Fudge Factory, Uranus, Missouri
Staff Must Wash Hands, Uranus, Missouri

I personally get a kick out of signs that say Employees Must Wash Hands

Employees Must Wash Hands – can’t remember where this was
Wash Hands, Hurts Donut in Katy, Texas
Another one. Can’t remember where
Yet another one…and they NEVER come in and wash my hands!!
Restrooms Sign, Star Pizza, Houston, Texas
Just one more…
Boys Restroom , Nan’s New Orleans Cafe and Po’ Boys, Mandeville, Louisiana
Sign at a gas station in Davenport, Washington
Sign in the same Davenport Gas Station, inside the restroom
Toilet Sign at the DFW Elite Toy Museum, Haltom City, Texas
Virol Sign above urinals at The Spar Cafe in Olympia, Washington

VIROL was a brown, sweet and incredibly sticky Malt Extract that was pushed as a potion for good health in the 1920s.

Sprinkle Tinkle sign in a restroom in Ola, Oklahoma
Outhouse with a toilet planter in Frenchglen, Oregon. Funny how they don’t have a flushing toilet…  And there is a “Public Restroom” sign on the door
The Sign to the Bathroom at Sunshine General Store, Brookeville, Maryland (Actually visited in 2019)
Men’s Room Door at a gas station in Ashland, Montana
Don’t Flush sign at Sunset Motel (where I stayed one night), Belle Fourche, South Dakota
Sign on a Convenience Store door in Ferdinand, Indiana. Not technically a bathroom sign, but it kinda fits the theme!!
WooHoo… I was considered a customer at the station in Davenport, Washington  Don’t think I can take that key with me.
You can hit a deer, but can’t hit the toilet… At a restroom in Ola, Oklahoma
Men’s Room at Sharkheads in Biloxi, Mississippi
Restroom Entrance at Sharkheads in Biloxi, Mississippi
Restroom Door at The Outpost, Fanning, Missouri

Well, you are probably feeling wiped out after seeing all of these.  I’ll quit here.

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Great Burgers at Sunshine General Store – Brookeville, MD

Sunshine General Store, Brookeville, MD


The first week of April saw my wife and I take a trip to Baltimore so she could attend a training for a new business venture we are starting.  While there, I worked and also ventured out.  As I always do, I try to find interesting one-off places to eat.   On one of the days I drove about 40 minutes west to the small town of Brookeville to meet a co-worked of mine from PopCulture.com.  I had looked for an “interesting” place to meet near to where he lived near West Virginia.  So, I came across a place called the Sunshine General Store.

Wider view of Sunshine General Store
This sign hangs on the side of the building
Sumoflam looking for a little Sunshine in Maryland

According to a number of sites, this is the best place in Maryland to get a burger, despite the location.  Yes, this place is a dive in the real sense of the word.  Housed in an old gas station at the intersection of Georgia Ave. (MD Hwy 97) and Damascus Road (MD Hwy 650), it is an old non-descript building with a big blue front (yes, UK Colors!!) and a sign on top.  From the outside you would never know there was a burger place housed inside it.  There is a sign on the side of the building that says it is “Home of the FAMOUS Burger.”

And, honestly, as I have found out, it really is a FAMOUS burger and I understood why.

Sunshine General Store – inside
The Sign to the Bathroom at Sunshine General Store.

In the photo above you can see MOST of the store.  There is a grill in the back with three stools and then there are two tables with about eight chairs.  Not much else.  During the time Andrew and I had lunch, about 2 dozen people came in to PICK UP their called in orders.  Since we hadn’t called in, we had to wait our turn in the order queue, which was about 20-30 minutes.

Sunshine Menu – the lunch part. They do have breakfast too
Want Chips? They have them.

Basically, this place makes burgers and sandwiches.  No frills, though they can put “everything” on it if you want, and they include a dill spear.  But, they don’t serve drinks.  They don’t make french fries or onion rings.  If you want drinks and chips, you must go into the store part and buy the chips and drinks and any other thing you want (if they have it).  I had never heard of Utz Chips.  They are a reginonal snack from Hanover, Pennsylvania and are carried in the Sunshine General Store. I tried the SPICY ones.

The store also has the various candies, snack cakes and other goodies that a convenience store might carry.  They also sell a few other items.

Burgers on the Grill
Burgers and Bacon
The Grill and three stools at Sunshine General Store

Andrew and I got our burgers and found them to be extremely good.  Very thick and, with mine, full of goodies like lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions (by request, some cheese and bacon.  It was a filling and yummy burger.

My burger at Sunshine General Store
Patrons watching and waiting for their burgers to arrive

Needless to say, the wait was worth it.  It was a good time for Andrew and me, both in terms of lunch and in terms of meeting each other for the first time.

Sumoflam and Andrew at the Sunshine General Store after lunch. Genuine smiles folks!

If you are ever in the Baltimore area, or somewhere in southwest Pennsylvania, the Maryland panhandle or the West Virginia panhandle, you need to drop by Sunshine General Store and have a FAMOUS Sunshine Burger.  You’ll be glad you did.  And then grab a t-shirt to remember it by.

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