Less Beaten Paths Books hit Top 3 in Amazon today

Beginning July 4 I set the Kindle versions of my first three books to be FREE downloads for the week. In less than 11 hours, the three books jumped up to the TOP THREE on three Amazon US Travel Charts for Free Kindle Downloads. I think this is a first to be in the Top Three. And, as of this writing, the books are also sitting #3-#5 on the Amazon Travel Food, Lodging and Transportation List.  I am currently working on Book Four, titled “8154.” (See below for more details)  You can download the first three books at https://www.amazon.com/David-Kravetz/e/B0784XVGSW. They are yours to keep! ENJOY THE READ and ENJOY THE RIDE!


I am currently working on my FOURTH book, titled “8154” to represent the mileage of my epic road trip with family.  You can visit my Amazon Author Page to see my other books at https://amzn.to/3azY36l


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