Is This Normal?

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I have been to lots of places in the US and Canada with interesting place names.  Today's post is the first of many to show the place.  In some cases, all I have is a sign.  In others, there are stories to be told. Today...Normal, IL [caption id="attachment_26" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Normal, Illinois?[/caption] Originally settled as North Bloomington in the 1850's, the town was the home of the first "normal school" in Illinois. Based on the French teaching schools, the term "normal" was the general name for all schools set up to be teachers’ colleges. The bill stipulated that the permanent location would be the place that offered the most favorable inducement. Jesse Fell took up the campaign for Bloomington and obtained financial backing totaling $141,000, which surpassed Peoria, the closest…
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I’ve Been Everywhere

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Johnny Cash had a famous song in the 1990s (a remake of a Hank Snow song actually) which stated "Ive Been Everywhere".  In some respects that could be my theme song.  I have been very blessed in my short 55 year life to have traveled far and wide across these United States and even into Canada and Mexico. [caption id="attachment_13" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Welcome to Earth, TX[/caption] Indeed, I have been to almost every major city in the country and most in Canada (with the exception of eastern cities in Canada -- from Montreal on).  I have been to every state in the union except for Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire (and yes, I have been to Hawaii and Alaska!!).   I have been to most National Parks and Monuments, major museums…
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