Antsy McClain – Resisting Enlightenment

This is a new book by singer/songwriter/humorist Antsy McClain. With this collection of stories and personal anecdotes, Antsy delivers the best writing of his career. At times so personal you’ll feel as if you’re eaves dropping on a private conversation, McClain writes about the mistakes and misteps he’s made along his own winding path toward wisdom and inner peace. 134 pages. Also contains several poems never before published.

This is a MUST BUY – It’ll make you feel better!!



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Travelographer Extraordinaire. I Enjoy the Ride by traveling and seeing the world around me. We are so busy speeding down the freeways of life that we miss out on the back roads and all the wonderful little stories that every place offers. So, I try to take the less beaten paths and see the real world. I have visited all 50 United States and many provinces in Canada, nearly all prefectures in Japan as well as Seaul, Korea, Shanghai and Suzhou, China and Cenu, Philippines. Also been to Mexico. Father of five, grandfather of 10 and happily married to my sweetheart for nearly 38 years. Fluent in Japanese. Happy and well traveled. See details at

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