Sumoflam Interviewed on Teal Gray Worldwide Podcast

I was recently honored to be interviewed on a podcast hosted by Dr. Teal L. Gray, from Texas. She often delves into travel and the mysterious things of the world.

Dr. Teal L. Gray

I was introduced to Teal by fellow travel writer/blogger Tui Snider, who has authored three books including one on the interesting and offbeat in North Texas. Teal has followed both my travel blog and is a fan of my photography.

Teal Gray Worldwide Blog

In her podcast we discussed the origins of my Sumoflam name, my travels around the US and Canada, my TV shows in Japan and my photography. I am grateful to her for this opportunity and wanted to share it again with my blog viewers in case you missed it.

The podcast can be heard in its entirety here:

Thanks again to Teal for a great interview!!


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