June 2019 Road Trip: Fun, Quirky and Offbeat Things

With any road trip I take, I look for a lot of different things.  I can find the offbeat and quirky, the beautiful, the unique, the magical, the historical, the fun and more…all in one trip.  I am focused…on the big picture.

My June 2019 road trip took me over the road for nearly 6000 miles and through nine states.  I tried to stick to back roads wherever possible because that is where the greatest discoveries can be found.

In this post, I present to you some of the more unique, fun and, in some cases quirky things that I discovered along the way.  There is always something out there.

Here are few fun things…

Place Names

Welcome to Delight, Arkansas

I am always looking for fun names.  How about Delight, Turkey, Jolly, Greasy Corner?

Wildorado, Texas
That way to Turkey, Texas (I didn’t have time to take a Turkey trek.)
Greasy Corner, Arkansas. I did mosey on over to Greasy Corner only to find the corner, but no signs
Jolly, Texas. We didn’t stop, but I have been there before. Not much Jolly there but a truck stop

Business Names

Well Lookee Shop in Jemez Springs, NM

Well lookee here, there are some fun business signs to found on the road, including one of my (now) all-time favorites below.

Ever had a BBQ Sno-Cone? They have them in Dover, Tennessee
Or maybe you wanna getcha some of this instead? (BBQ that is) Naaman’s BBQ in Texarkana, Texas
A motel in Winslow, Arizona taking full advantage….
We all know what NEED to be done on a road trip. This place between Winslow and Holbrook can fulfill the need
Would you stay in a place called “It’ll Do Motel”? Can you do better? Its in Clarendon, Texas

Other Unique Signs and Things

I guess this is one place where people are delighted, even when dead? Delight, Texas

I often come across signs around towns, in shops, restaurants and such that make me want to snap a shot.

Ya Can’t Fix Stupid…especially the ones who try to take their cars where they shouldn’t go.  This sign was in a shop window in Winslow, Arizona.  Weaver’s is actually in Water Valley, Mississippi
I guess aliens need to park somewhere – at The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona
Circle N takes the No Shirt No Shoes concept to a whole new level Forrest City, Arkansas
Texans apparently don’t call 911. Saw these in a shop near El Paso, Texas
Now, this is a good spin on Desserts! Saw this at a restaurant on the top of Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, AZ
And then you should mind your own biscuits. Found in a cafe in Clarkson, Kentucky
Speaking of restrooms, The Thing in Arizona apparently has some good uns….

Then there is the unique…

Big Pink Elephant with glasses in Clarksville, TN

Then there are the unique things out there.  The Glass-wearing elephant has a bovine friend just north of it in Kentucky

Big Cow with pink glasses in Guthrie, KY
And the cow’s pal Pink Elephant around the corner from it in Guthrie as well.
What’s a road trip without coming across a big ol’ Muffler Man?  This one is on a rooftop in downtown Gallup, New Mexico
I came face to face with this dinosaur at The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona
And saw this big metal chomper in Sedona, Arizona
Holbrook, Arizona has dozens of dinos hanging around. Here are a couple of biggies
Absurd…saw this replica of the Ghostbusters car in Bogata, Texas.  I guess in Texas they are Ghostboosters?  “Boost’n Makes Me Feel Good”
On the timezone in Clarkson, Kentucky. You decide what time it is.
You can sleep in a Wigwam in Holbrook, Arizona
You must stay within 31 MPH in Trenton, Tennessee
Watch out for the big bugs
I never take a trip without trying to see if a Peter Toth Whispering Giant can be seen. This one was in Winslow, Arizona
And this Whispering Giant was in Las Cruces, New Mexico
A church built into the rock? Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona
I can’t say I’ve been everywhere until I have been to the birthplace of Johnny Cash in Kingsland, Arkansas

And what a fine sight I was when I jumped in and photo-bombed a motocycle club standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona

Couldn’t resist jumping in with this nice Motorcycle Club from Phoenix at the famed corned in Winslow, AZ

And the Chart Topper (or should I say the Tram Topper?) is….

Watched this guy climb up on the top of the Sandia Peaks Tram in Albuquerque, NM to ride 1200′ above ground on a couple of wires for about 2 miles and 15 minutes. I was scared to death just taking his picture.

Like what you see? Well, there is lots more!  I now have three books available about offbeat and quirky places to take on your road trips. You can see all of them at http://amzn.to/2ks6fQZ. Book 3 was published and available on August 24, 2019.

Book Cover for Book 3 – Cover Art and design by Antsy McClain





A Grab Bag from America’s Back Roads – The P Things #AtoZChallenge

In 2018 I  will feature a random (yet alphabetical) selection of photos I have taken from my nearly 20 years of back roads travel in the United States and Canada.  I may even throw in a few random shots from other trips to Japan, Mexico and the Philippines. My theme is called America’s Back Roads: A Grab Bag of Places in Pictures.


Peculiar, Missouri

Welcome to Peculiar, MO
A Peculiar Police Car
A Peculiar Elementary School

Possum Trot Supper Club – Oakwood, Illinois

Possum Trot Supper Club, Oakwood, IL

Pierre Part, Louisiana

Sumoflam in Pierre Part, LA
Visiting Troy Landry of Swamp People fame in Pierre Part, LA in 2014
Swamp People Truck at Duffy’s Bait Shop in Pierre Part

Pound Gap, Virginia

Pound Gap Historical Sign on the Virginia/Kentucky Border

Prairie Dogs – Browning, Montana; Cactus Flat, South Dakota

A prairie dog scampers near the Camp Disappointment Monument in Montana
Prairie Dog — standing watch in Cactus Flat
Prairie Dog – Cactus Flat, SD

Pal’s Sudden Service – Bristol, Tennessee

After eating Pal’s food make sure to Exercise Daily. Couldn’t help but chuckle
Pal’s Sudden Service in Bristol, TN

Perryville Battlefield – Perryville, Kentucky

Perryville Battlefield – Perryville, KY
Perryville Battlefield ReEnactment
Welcome to Perryville

Pink Elephants Everywhere! – DeForest, Wisconsin; Haubstadt, Indiana; Barboursville, West Virginia; Russellville, Kentucky

Pink Elephant in DeForest, WI
Martini bearing pink and white elephant pair at Hipp Nursery in Haubstadt, IN
This pink elephant is in the Huntington, WV suburb of Barboursville on US 60
Big pink elephant in Russellville, KY, just around the corner from the big cow with pink sunglasses
Need a Pink Elephant T-Shirt? I know where you can get one!

And then there is the Pink Elephant Car Wash – Seattle, Washington

Pink Elephant Car Wash in Seattle, Washington

Poutine – A Canadian Favorite – Paris, Ontario

Poutine – Fries, Brown Gravy and Cheese Curds -Pure yummiferousness
Chomping on poutine in Paris in 2008

Portsmouth Murals – Portsmouth, Ohio

Chillicothe Street 1940s by Robert Dafford in Portsmouth, OH

Portland Head Light – Portland, Maine

Portland Head Light
Visiting the beautiful lighthouse on the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Portland, Maine in 2015

Just down the road from Hell – Pinckney, Michigan

Howell Rd. to Hell – Pinckney, MI

Planet Damon Water Tower – Damon, Texas

There is Planet Hollywood and then there is Planet Damon…

Presti’s Bakery – Little Italy – Cleveland, Ohio

Prestis Bakery….the best cannoli in the world!! And some other good Italian goodies
Italian Yumminess in the case at Presti’s

Prosperity, Pennsylvania

Prosperity Post Office in Pennsylvania
Heading to Prosperity

Pain Reliever Bar – Nekoma, North Dakota

Pain Reliever Bar, Nekoma, ND
International Pain Reliever Bar in Nekoma, ND (notice they used a New Mexico flag??)

PRHBTN Murals (there are more than 20 – here are a couple) – Lexington, Kentucky

Sumoflam at MrDHEO’s wall painting in Lexington, one of a few new PRHBTN murals
The enormous “I Am MO” mural in the Lexington Distillery District
Louis Armstrong Mural by Sergio Odeith from Portugal, for PRHBTN 2015

Papa Joe’s – Crescent Junction, Utah

Papa Joe’s in Crescent Junction, UT
Sumoflam at Papa Joe’s in Crescent Junction
The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine at Papa Joe’s

P’Maws Bait Shack – Pierre Part, Louisiana

P’MAWS Bait Shack in Pierre Part, LA (Notice it is SWAMP spelled backwards)
Cuddling with a White Gator at P’MAWS in Pierre Part, LA
P’MAWS is open 24/7

Pat’s King of Steaks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pat’s King of Steaks – Philadelphia, PA
Grilling up the steaks at Pat’s
Best of Philly – Pat’s King of Steaks

Puget Sound – Seattle, Washington

Seattle as seen from a boat in the Puget Sound
On the Ferry in Puget Sound

Perry Como Statues – Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Singing Perry Como statue in downtown Canonsburg, PA
Perry Como Statue in the Canonsburg McDonald’s

Fun Stuff in Portland, Oregon

Hung Far Low – Famous Chop Suey and Famous name – Portland, Oregon
Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, Oregon

Pheasant Bar – Winner, South Dakota

Pheasant Bar, Winner, SD

Petrified Forest National Park – Holbrook, Arizona

Sumoflam and tourists at Petrified Forest in 1983

Pinto McBean – Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

Pinto McBean statue in Bow Island, Alberta

A few Paul Bunyan guys here and there – Bemidji, Minnesota; Nitro, West Virginia; Minocqua, Wisconsin; Wentzville, Missouri

Paul Bunyan and Babe in Bemidji, MN
a Big Paul Bunyan in Minocqua, Wisconsin
Big Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox in Nitro, WV
Paul Bunyan Muffler Man just off of the interstate in Wentzville, MO

Price Less Foods – Irvine, Kentucky

Price Less Foods in Irvine, KY

Popeye Statue – Alma, Arkansas

At the Popeye Statue in Alma, AR in 2009

Port Gibson First Presbyterian Church – Port Gibson, Mississippi

Unique Steeple of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson, MS

Powder River, Wyoming

Powder River, Wyoming
An old neon relic of the past, the Tumble Inn Lounge/Cafe, with a vintage neon look in Powder River, WY

Paradise Point – Scottsville, Kentucky

Paradise Point – Scottsville, KY
From one hot dog to another…

Scenes from Paris – or four or five of them – Paris, Ontario; Paris, Kentucky; Paris, Texas; Paris, Tennessee

Paris, Ontario
Homes and businesses along the river in Paris, Ontario
Welcome to Paris, Kentucky
Paris, Texas
Welcome to Paris Catfish – they too claim to be the Catfish Capital

Point Defiance Zoo – Tacoma, Washington

Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA
A tiger at the Point Defiance Zoo
A Blue Budgie at the Point Defiance Zoo

Paul’s Hamburgers – Kansas City, Kansas

Paul’s Hamburgers – Kansas City, Kansas
Giant Ice Cream Cone at Paul’s Hamburgers – Kansas City, KS

Peaks to Craters Scenic Highway – Idaho

Peaks to Craters scenic byway through the mountains of central Idaho
Grandview Canyon on US 93 – northern section of the Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway

Pelicans – Lake Andes, South Dakota; Galveston, Texas; Lexington, Kentucky

White Pelicans at Lake Andes in South Dakota
Pelicans in formation over the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, TX
A rare sighting of a White Pelican flying over Lexington in late April 2018

Plaza Theatres – Glasgow, Kentucky & Wharton, Texas

Plaza Theatre – Glasgow, Kentucky
Old Plaza Theater in Wharton, TX

Playhouse Square – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s Playhouse Square
Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Giant Chandelier

Pea Meal Breakfast Anyone? – Woodstock, Ontario

Peameal Breakfast – Woodstock, Ontario
Pea Meal Breakfast

PPG Glass Castle – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Artistic view of One PPG Place
A view from below One PPG Place

Professor Market – Tremont District – Cleveland, Ohio

Professor Market wall advertisement…located in the Tremont District of Cleveland

Pochahontas, Illinois

Pochahontas, IL – “Pokey” – Home of Country Singer Gretchen Wilson (Gimme a Hell Ya!)

Plaquemine, Louisiana

Welcome to Plaquemine, LA

Pike Place Market – Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market – what a place!
Pike Place Market was packed

Penn’s Store – Gravel Switch, Kentucky

Penn’s Store Sign
Penn’s Store – Gravel Switch, KY

Pella, Iowa

Welcome to Pella
Vermeer Dutch Windmill in Pella, IA – the largest working windmill in the United States
Building fronts in Pella, IA

Penguins – Omaha, Nebraska; Tacoma, Washington

Penguins at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha
The small penguins stand majestically at feeding time at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA

Pheasants on the Prairie – Enchanted Highway – Regent, North Dakota

Enchanted Highway Stop #5 – Pheasants on the Prairie
Sumoflam at Pheasants on the Prairie

Pickle’s Place – Arco, Idaho

EAT sign at Pickle’s Place in Arco, ID
Pickle’s Place – Home of the “Atomic Burger”

Pete the Curler – Bemidji, Minnesota

Pete the Curler by Dale Lewis – one of 25 pieces in the 2014 Bemidji Sculpture Walk

Pork Chop Sandwiches (as seen on Andy Griffith) – Mt. Airy, North Carolina

Snappy Lunch – home of the Pork Chop Sandwich
Cooking up the pork chops at Snappy Lunch

Old Prairie School House – Frisno, Montana

Old Prairie School House on Smith-Frisno Road west of Havre, MT. I wanted this one in black and white…

Giant Prairie Dog Statue – Cactus Flat, South Dakota

Giant Prairie Dog
Sumoflam with the Giant Prairie Dog – Cactus Flat

Pelo’s Sundries – LeClaire, Iowa

Old neon for Pelo’s Sundries

If you like what you see, you may want to check out my book: Less Beaten Paths of America: Unique Town Names, available on Amazon.  My second book, Less Beaten Paths of America: Quirky and Offbeat Roadside Attractions, will be available in late April or early May 2018. Click on the photo below for more details or to get a copy of the book.

Books 1 & 2


A to Z Challenge: The G Towns #atozchallenge

During the month of April I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The challenge has each blogger select a theme and then do a post thematically from A to Z during each day of April , except Sundays. My blog is number 1337 out of 1670 participating blogs. This year my A to Z posts will take you across the back roads of America to many unique what other bloggers will be posting about, check out the link: A to Z Theme Reveal List for 2016

G The G Towns

Gainesville, Texas

Sumoflam at Glen Goode's Big People in Gainesville, TX
Sumoflam at Glen Goode’s Big People in Gainesville, TX
Glen Goode's Big People
Glen Goode’s Big People
Glen Goode's Big People
Glen Goode’s Big People

Across this great country there are dozens of giant Muffler Men, Big Johns and Uniroyal Gals.  In the 1960s these advertised Mufflers, Tires, etc.  Nowadays they can be seen at state borders, at tourist spots or advertising cafes (see Blackfoot, ID in my A to Z Challenge posts as an example).  I have written a post all about these giants HERE. Then there are folks like Glenn Goode (who passed away in March 2015).  Known as the Fiberglass Man because of his collection of these giants, he was in the fiberglass and sandblasting business for over 44 years.  On his property on Walnut Bend Road, Gainesville, he had five big fiberglass people .  See my full post about his unique site in the middle of nowhere HERE.

Gothenburg, Nebraska

Gothenburg, Nebraska 2007
Gothenburg, Nebraska 2007
Original Pony Express Station, Gothenburg, NE
Original Pony Express Station, Gothenburg, NE
Sod House Museum, Gothenburg, NE
Sod House Museum, Gothenburg, NE
Barbed Wire Indian at Sod House Museum
Barbed Wire Indian at Sod House Museum
World's Largest Hand Plow at Sod House Museum
World’s Largest Hand Plow at Sod House Museum

Back in 2007 I ventured west to Washington with my son for some shows with Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours.  Along the way we visited a number of states and places.  One of the more unique stops along the way was in the town of Gothenburg, Nebraska.  This town is apparently one of only two Gothenburgs in the entire world, the other being the famed city in Sweden. Gothenburg is probably most well known as the home of the Pony Express in Nebraska. The town has become somewhat of a tourist attraction with the Pony Express building and also the Sod House Museum, which is just off of Interstate 80 at exit 211 to the left as you go into Gothenburg. The Sod House Museum was dedicated to the settlers of this area who initially built their homes out of sod.  Also at the Sod House museum are two barbed wire sculptures including an Indian and a Buffalo.  Both have well over 4 miles of barbed wire in the work.  See my write up about this 2007 visit HERE.

Guthrie, Kentucky

Welcome to Guthrie, KY
Welcome to Guthrie, KY
Pink Elephant in Guthrie, KY
Pink Elephant in Guthrie, KY
Cow with Pink Sunglasses in Russellville, KY (around the corner from a big pink elephant - see below)
Cow with Pink Sunglasses in Guthrie, KY (around the corner from a big pink elephant – see below)

Guthrie, Kentucky is located at the junction of US Highway 79 and US Highway 41 near the Tennessee Border.  I ventured through here on my way to Memphis and the Blues Highway in the fall of 2014 (see a couple of other A to Z Challenge towns in earlier posts including Alligator, MS and Brownsville, TN from this same trip.  Paris, TN and Paris, TX will also be included in my P Towns post.).  Guthrie has its own version of a Pink Elephant (different from the one I posted about in DeForest, WI in my D Towns post).  They also have a pink sunglass wearing giant cow. You can see full details of this visit and more photos HERE.

Gregory, South Dakota

Welcome to Gregory
Welcome to Gregory
Gregory Wall Art
Gregory Wall Art
Giant Pheasant statue in Gregory, SD
Giant Pheasant statue in Gregory, SD
Gregory - Home of the Gorillas
Gregory – Home of the Gorillas

Gregory, South Dakota is another town along the Oyate Trail. South Dakota is the pheasant capital of the U.S. and this area of the Oyate Trail is one of the centers of the pheasant hunting world (and, in Gregory there is also a Gorilla or two….). Apparently Gregory is “The Ground-zero of Pheasantdom” according to Fortune Magazine in 1992.  You can read more about my visit to Gregory and see some photos of old movie theaters, interesting bars, etc., in my 2013 Oyate Trail post, which can be seen HERE.

Galata, Montana

Motel Galata on US Hwy 2 - The Hi-Line - in Galata, Montana
Motel Galata on US Hwy 2 – The Hi-Line – in Galata, Montana
The Ghost Town of Galata, Montana
The Ghost Town of Galata, Montana

Galata, Montana is one of two Montana and US Highway 2 Hi-Line towns I am including in this G Town post.  Located about 23 miles east of Shelby, Montana, Galata is practically a ghost town.  But the 1960s era neon sign advertising the Motel Galata is a classic.  Definitely something worth looking for on a roadtrip across northern Montana.

Glasgow, Montana

US Highway 2 in eastern Montana outside of Glasgow, Montana
US Highway 2 in eastern Montana outside of Glasgow, Montana
Hangar Bar and Grill in Glasgow, Montana
Hangar Bar and Grill in Glasgow, Montana
Welcome to Glasgow - large metal artwork by Buck Samuelson
Welcome to Glasgow – large metal artwork by Buck Samuelson
Train mural in Glasgow Montana on the side of a building
Train mural in Glasgow Montana on the side of a building

On the eastern end of Montana on US Highway 2 is the town of Glasgow, Montana.  A town of about 3000, it is a colorful place with all sorts of dinosaur lore.  As one proceeds west on US Hwy 2 out of Glasgow, you will see dinosaurs up on the hillside. These and the other animals and sculptures (as well as the dino at the Hangar Bar) are all creations of artist Buck Samuelson, who offers them for sale. Read more about US Highway 2, the Hi-Line Drive across northern Montana HERE.

Glasgow, Kentucky

The Plaza Theatre in Glasgow, Kentucky
The Plaza Theatre in Glasgow, Kentucky
Wall Art in Glasgow, KY
Wall Art in Glasgow, KY
Painted Facade in Glasgow, KY
Painted Facade in Glasgow, KY
More Wall Art in Glasgow, KY
More Wall Art in Glasgow, KY

There are apparently 21 places in America named Glasgow that range from a tiny town in Fallen Timber County, Pennsylvania, which has 63 inhabitants, to Glasgow, Kentucky the largest of them all with a population of  just over 14,000. As a Kentucky resident, I have visited many of the towns and Glasgow is unique because of its cultural depth with an amazing old Theatre and its many wall murals. Founded in 1799 by a group of Revolutionary War veterans, Glasgow boasts historic homes and buildings, the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center, downtown walking/driving tours, Barren River Lake State Resort Park and Brigadoon State Nature Preserve. The town sits at the intersection of US Highway 68 and US Highway 31.

Gardiner, Montana

Entering Gardiner, Montana
Entering Gardiner, Montana
Old ghost sign in Gardiner where they claim to sell everything
Old ghost sign in Gardiner where they claim to sell everything
Sumoflam at Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park
Sumoflam at Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park
Buffalo in Yellowstone Park
Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Montana is a huge state and so it is not a surprise that this post has three G Towns.  I would be remiss if I didn’t include Gardiner, Montana, which is situated in Southwest Montana, at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The town is nestled in breath taking Paradise Valley, with the Yellowstone River running right through town. The Roosevelt Arch is the most famous structure in Gardiner. This Yellowstone Entrance, Gateway or Arch was dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt on 24 April 1903. The arch is visible two miles north of Gardiner on US Highway 89.  See more about my 2014 trip down Montana’s US 89 and Yellowstone HERE.

Gillette, Wyoming

Welcome to Gillette, WY
Welcome to Gillette, WY
Large Wall Mural in Gillette, WY
Large Wall Mural by Harvey Jackson in Gillette, WY
Rockpile Museum - Gillette, Wyoming
Rockpile Museum – Gillette, Wyoming

In June 2013 I made my way to Rexburg, ID and passed through Wyoming on my way to Yellowstone National Park.  (I noted the Montana entrance above).  On this particular trip I found my through Gillette, WY on my way to Cody and Yellowstone.  Gillette is home of a few nice murals, an artist walk with a number of unique sculptures that change each year and then there is the Rockpile Museum. This Campbell County Museum focuses on general, regional, and local history with an emphasis on the culture and people of Campbell County.  It was opened in 1974 at the site of the historic natural rockpile, which has been a piece of Gillette history since the 1890s. See my full report about Gillette and the drive to Cody and on to Yellowstone HERE.

Granbury, Texas

Welcome to Granbury, Texas
Welcome to Granbury, Texas
The County Court House in Granbury, Texas
The County Court House in Granbury, Texas
Who would stay in the Nutt House Hotel?
Who would stay in the Nutt House Hotel?
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Granbury, Texas
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Granbury, Texas
Giraffe Eye taken at Fossil Rim
Giraffe Eye taken at Fossil Rim

The town of Granbury, Texas, south of Fort Worth, is a fun place to visit, filled with history, an old fashioned courthouse square surrounded by unique shops and some good places to eat (especially Babe’s Chicken!!).  It is home to the Nutt House Hotel (crazy name eh?).  Not too far down the road is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, an amazing drive thru Wildlife Park in Glen Rose, TX (another G Town!) The current facility has grown to 1700 acres and has over 1000 animals, with 50 species of native and non-native animals, including Cheetah, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, various African antelope varieties, Zebras, Ostriches and Rheas, among many others.  You can see dozens of photos of the park and also more on Granbury in my 2012 post HERE.

Grand Forks, North Dakota (Honorable Mention)

Grand Forks Smiley Water Tower
Grand Forks Smiley Water Tower

Grand Forks is another US Highway 2 town also cut through by Interstate 29.  I mention it here because of its famed Smiley Water Tower, one of three or four in the US (note the Adair, IA Smiley in my A Towns post).  This tower has the Smiley above and on the other side of the water tower is a Winking Smiley.  You can see more photos of it and also see more about my 2014 US Highway 2 drive through North Dakota HERE.

Gravel Switch, Kentucky (Honorable mention)

Gravel Switch Community Center
Gravel Switch Community Center
Gravel Switch, KY
Gravel Switch, KY
Amish Buggies in Gravel Switch
Amish Buggies in Gravel Switch
Penn's Store Sign
Penn’s Store Sign
Penn's Privy - a famous outhouse!
Penn’s Privy – a famous outhouse!

With a unique name for a place, the small village of Gravel Switch, KY.  grew up around a gravel quarry on a spur line of the L&N railroad around 1870.  There is not much there now but a small Amish school, a Post Office, a bank and a few houses. Not far from Gravel Switch is perhaps the most famous place in the area…Penn’s Store.  According to its website, “Penn’s Store is the oldest country store in America being run continuously by the same family. It has been in the Penn family since 1850.” There is a nice writeup about it here. I drove through there on a trip to Elizabethtown, KY in February 2013.  See the entire post HERE.

Gilboa, Ohio (Honorable mention)

Stinky's Country Well - Gilboa, Ohio
Stinky’s Country Well – Gilboa, Ohio
Giant Steer in Gilboa, OH. I have seen many similar ones in other places
Giant Steer in Gilboa, OH. I have seen many similar ones in other places

On one of my trips back to Kentucky from Canada in 2008, I drove through the community of Gilboa, OH.  Thy had a humongous steer statue and also a unique restaurant/bar called Stinky’s Country Well.  Had to include Gilboa for these reasons.  The town is on US Highway 224 west of Findlay, OH.

Georgetown, Texas (Honorable mention)

A mural in Georgetown that depicts some of the towns more famed buildings
A mural in Georgetown that depicts some of the towns more famed buildings
Statue of Three-Legeged Willie in Georgetown, TX
Statue of Three-Legged Willie in Georgetown, TX
The distinctive Onion Dome on the San Gabriel Masonic Lodge Building in Georgetown, TX
The distinctive Onion Dome on the San Gabriel Masonic Lodge Building in Georgetown, TX

Finally, on Interstate 35 north of Austin lies the historic town of Georgetown, Texas.  I have had a couple of opportunities to visit there in the past few years and it is a unique place.  The town features some of the best Victorian architecture in the state of Texas.  And then, there is the story of “Three-Legged Willie” (Robert M. Williamson), the beloved Texas patriot, Ranger, lawyer, judge, newspaper editor, and Williamson County’s namesake. Known affectionately as Three-legged Willie due to the wooden leg he used following an illness when he was 15. His right leg drew up at the knee and could not support him. Thereafter, he wore a wooden leg, leaving his useless foot extended behind him. A lawyer at 19, he fought with the cavalry at the Battle of San Jacinto. An enthusiastic supporter of Texas statehood, he named one of his sons Annexus.

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