Cleveland’s Little Italy – A Trek Back To My Birthplace

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My thanks to the following for their assistance in this post: Anthony Gambatese, Nicole Laurienzo, Ray Kristosik, Nancy Phillips, Nancy Starvaggi Schaffer, Dominic Gogol and my great Laurienzo family. [caption id="attachment_16062" align="alignleft" width="250"] Little Italy Historic District in Cleveland[/caption] Nearly 60 years ago I was born in the neighborhood known as "Little Italy" in Cleveland. I was not there for long as my mother took me and left when I was nearly 9 months old in 1957.Β  My first trip back there happened around 1993 or 94, and I haven't visited but only four or five times since, and typically for one or two hours at a time as I passed through to another destination. [caption id="attachment_16063" align="alignright" width="293"] Murray Hill and Paul in Little Italy. I was born in…
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