Bugtussle? What is it? Where is it?


So, have you ever heard of Bugtussle?  I did, I remember the episodes from the Beverly Hillbillies where the “Mayor of Bugtussle” paid a visit to its richest former citizen Jed Clampett.  This fictitious Bugtussle was in Tennessee.  Well, on a trip in February 2010 I became possibly the only person to ever drive from one Bugtussle to another one, all in one day (see entire trip journal).

Bugtussle Rd, Kentucky

In my research on the Bugtussles of America, I found three actual places called Bugtussle…one in Kentucky, on in Alabama and on in Texas.  So, I chose the two between Lexington, KY and Keller, TX.

Bugtussle Blvd., Texas

I left very early in the morning and got to Bugtussle, KY about 7:30 AM.  There is an old Bugtussle Store there….step out the back door and you are in Tennessee.  I drove almost 18 hours and got to the location of Bugtussle, TX, but couldn’t find it until I found the sign above.  That is the only evidence…but I made it and got to two of them!!

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Bugtussle, KY

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Bugtussle, Texas


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