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I now have a Less Beaten Paths photo blog on Tumblr, which features one or two photos per entry from places and things I have seen, places to eat, and all of that other fun from around the country.  Some items don’t get included in my Less Beaten Paths Travel Blog.

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Every picture tells a story. Those who follow my many blogs and trip journals know that I take hundreds of photos. Unlike my travel blogs, the intent of this Tumblr blog is to highlight some of my more “artsy” and/or “unique” photos from around the US, Canada, The Philippines and Japan. There won’t be any huge buffaloes or twine balls or strange restaurants. Rather, I intend to show the beauty and interest of places. I hope you enjoy this diversion. Check it out for photos…one post at a time, many of which are not on this blog.

Sumoflam the Travelographer

See my Sumoflam’s Story Shots Blog on Tumblr

I have many more travel journals from all over the US and Canada and even some in Mexico and the Philippines.  I also have thousands of photos, maps and the likes.  Please jump on over to see more of my older (pre-Less Beaten Paths) journals at

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