Turnabout in Fair Play, SC

Fair Play SC On August 8, 2012 I was on a trip from eastern Tennessee to Atlanta for work.  Along the way I went through North and South Carolina and happened to go through Fair Play, South Carolina.  Not sure how the town got its name, but there is something about the name coming from a fight. Interestingly, throughout most of this small town, the Motto “Our Name Says It All” is posted.  The photo on the left is the main entry sign. Of course, there is plenty more in Fair Play  

There is the Fair Play Post Office

The Fairplay Cafe.  Wonder if their prices are fair???

There is a Fair Play Presbyterian Church

The Fairplay Super Market doesn’t look that super…

Must be Amish nearby if there is a Yoder’s in Fair Play. Maybe the name came from something Amish.  I wonder…..

Fair Play MenagerieAnd this is my favorite sign!! The Fair Play Church of God…”Theres Only One Way” with some interesting Road Signs all around it. Speed Limit 316?  C’mon now!!

Fair Play, SC


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