X is for Xtreme Skies – #atozchallenge

OK.  I know…. Xtreme is not really a dictionary word, but many advertisers use it and there are company names and even a band name.  So, it is fair game.

This post is about xtreme (extreme) skies – unique cloud formations, colorful skies, sunrises, sunsets, sunbeams, moon shots, rainbows and more.  A traveler on the highways of America always sees the skies.  It can’t be helped. For me, I actually pay attention to them for the skies present their own fascinating form of art.

Shining sky above US 79/190 in central Texas

A lovely view of the Big Sky in Montana as seen from US Route 2 west of Bainville, MT

For this post, I will provide an assortment of photos I have taken on my road trips (and a couple of local ones too – let’s face it, I used a road to get there right?).  The skies offer up their own amazing beauty.

I am fascinated by clouds and weather.  I find the amazing colors of the early morning and the post sunset evening to be beautiful.  I am awestruck by the variety that the skies offer…ofttimes changing by the minute.

Morning sky on US 89 south of Fairfield, Montana

Large clouds over central Missouri

Unique Clouds at 6:30 AM heading east on I-74 in central Indiana

a Cloud cap forms on Mt. Rainier in Washington

Sunbeams peak through the clouds outside of Nebraska City, Nebraska

Looks like a cloud monster ready to fly down and eat someone…

Unique Cloud formation in Wyoming points the way for me to go

Morning clouds over the mountains near Orem, Utah

Easter Morning Sunrise 2017 in Shenandoah National Park

Pennsylvania sunrise as seen from Boyce Mayview Park near Upper St. Clair, PA

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean as seen from Old Orchard Beach, ME

Sunrise shot from Leitchfield, KY

Sunrise in Northern Montana, near Great Falls

Trinity Temple Assembly of God in Arkadelphia, AR with a rainbow

Sun Dog – Parhelion over Jacobson Lake in Lexington, KY

Easter Morning Sunrise over Shenandoah National Park

Another Shenandoah Sunrise photo

Sunrise over the Montour Trail in Pennsylvania

Beam of Sun at sunset in Cecilia, KY

Full moon over Lexington, KY

Scary cloud over the highway at sunset in northern Georgia

New Year’s Day 2017 sunrise in Ocean City, MD

Sun and trees somewhere in Nebraska

Sunrise over Lexington, Virginia

Sunset in Lake Minocqua, WI

Contrails across the sky in Kentucky

Sunset in Baytown, Texas

Sunset over the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

Striated Clouds over Kentucky

A lovely rainbow over Jacobson Lake in Lexington, KY

The 2017 Easter Morning moon shot with a 600mm lens from Shenandoah National Park

A rare Red Rainbow as seen from Lexington, KY on a morning in April 2017

Lovely parhelion (sun dog) over Jacobson Lake in December 2016

Sunrise near Tyler, Texas

The roof of a barn is silhouetted in the sunset east of Glasgow, MT on US Route 2

Sunset in Port Angeles, WA

Enjoyed a lovely sunset in Dublin, OH in early September

Sunset along Nebraska Hwy 2 in the Sandhills

Foggy Sunset in Northern Iowa

Heading into the Sunset as I crossed into Wyoming on I-90

Sunset in Hoboken, NJ

Watercolor skies over Manhattan, KS

Sunset in Yampa, CO

Sunrise Duck Lake, MT near Glacier National Park

Sunrise stuck in Dallas, TX traffic

Kentucky Sunset… the clouds and reflection formed a unique shape….

Fog shrouded sunrise

Sandhill Cranes against a purple sunset sky in Cecilia, KY



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