Everywhere a Sign – Some XTRA Signs From 2018 #AtoZChallenge

Throughout my travels in 2018, I did not come across a single X sign.  In the past, I have been able to use Xenia, Ohio, but we didn’t go there last year.

So, I am Xcited to Xplain how I will post a number of fun XTRAs that I didn’t use in previous posts. There were some Xceptionally funny ones and a few Xtremely interesting ones. I hope you’ll enjoy my special edition of Xtra Signs from my travels over the years.  Enjoy the Read. Enjoy the Ride.

XTRA Fun For ALL — We are open

If We Are Here — Decatur, Texas

Love the “Sorry, We’re Open” sign!! At Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden Calvert City, Kentucky

At the X-Roads – Corssroads signs from 2018

Business Crossroads sign, Wallace, Idaho

Sign post in Broadus, Montana

I always love coming across direction markers that also give a mileage – Raymond, Washington

Route 66 Crossroads Sign in Bushyhead, Oklahoma

Go This Way — I need one of these!! Paradise Point, Scottsville, Kentucky

A Few Xceptionally Interesting Xtra Signs From 2018

Eat Me neon sign from Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken in Lexington, Kentucky

Howdy Sign from Doolittle, Missouri on Route 66

Wiener World, Home of the Cheese Dog – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Whatever Sign in West, Texas

A Few Real Oinkers!

Flying Pigs Cafe, Thomas, West Virginia

Taken in the Pigtown District of Baltimore, Maryland

When Pigs Fly sign at a shop called Uniques in Stratford, Oklahoma

Pig on car at Slap Ya Momma’s Barbeque in Biloxi, Mississippi

Now Back to More Xcellent Xtras

Signs at Hillbilly Garden in Calvert City, Kentucky

Welcome to Flatwoods, West Virginia. Home of the Green Monster

Is there such a thing as a Sanitary Sewer? Seen in Lexington, Kentucky

Social Vegan sign found in Austin, Texas

Walgreen’s Temperature sign in Cypress, Texas

Route 66 Gateway sign in Miami, Oklahoma

HipHop Fish and Chicken – a chain of at least 24 shops in Baltimore, Maryland

Peace Love & Little Donuts in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – feed your inner hippie. Like other doughnut shops (Voodoo and Hurt’s, among others), they make unusual combinations, except these are smaller.

Stayed at the Silver Saddle Motel in Manitou Springs, Colorado – best view of Pikes Peak!  Really!

Roll On In Sushi Burritos sign in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sushi Burritos??

Route 66 in Chelsea, Oklahoma

I Got VD in Austin – Voodoo Doughnut, Austin, Texas

Bucky’s in Stratford, Oklahoma. Fresh and tasty Fried Pies

Not to be confused with Bucky’s above, Buc-ee’s in Waller, Texas

Buc-ee’s is one of the largest convenience store gas stations anywhere. Over 100 gas pumps!! HUGE store

Be Nice or Leave sign at Paradise Point in Scottsville, Kentucky

Missing Balls… Uranus, Missouri

One of Delta, Colorado’s many murals. They call themselves the City of Murals

The Skuller’s Clock with eyes in downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Comfort Station this way – West Side Market, Cleveland, Ohio

Cookin’ from Scratch chicken place in Doolittle, Missouri

Complaint Department sign at K’s Cafe in Clarkson, Kentucky

Olympia Film Society mural in Olympia, Washington

Old Orange Crush sign – Helper, Utah

Wall Drug Sign on I-90 in South Dakota Do Lunch or Be Lunch

Wonder if they take Running Backs? Or Forwards? Or Goalies? Or do they require certain types of positions? How about just a plain old sitting position?  Certainly don’t want to be a stander. Taken in Ferdinand, Indiana

Welcome to Raymond, Washington

Lots of cool stuff at the DFW Elite Toy Museum in Haltom City, Texas

Sign on the back of an old school bus at Paradise Point in Kentucky

Like what you see? Well, there is lots more!  I currently have two books about offbeat and quirky places to take on your road trips. You can see both of my books at http://amzn.to/2ks6fQZ. Working on Book 3, coming in late Spring 2019!!

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