AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The L Signs #atozchallenge

Welcome to another year of the AtoZ Challenge.  This year I am doing signs that I have seen across the country.  This post will feature signs associated with the Letter L. ENJOY THE RIDE!

We can’t avoid signs.  They are everywhere.  Advertisements, informational signs, directional signs, business signs and, sometimes, even humorous and fun signs.  Each of my posts in this years’ challenge will feature a hodgepodge of signs I have come across in my travels.  In most cases, I’ll also note where they were taken.  Some were actually inside of shops or otherwise, so not all will have locations.  I hope you enjoy this fun trip each day of April.

Honestly, I could probably do a post with dozens of photos of Lewis and Clark Historic Sites from around the United States, as I have been to a great number of them.  But here are a few Lewis and Clark signs.

Lewis & Clark Trail in Seaview, Washington
Lewis & Clark Expedition sign and cutouts in Shawneetown, Illinois
Lewis & Clark Sculpture in Buffalo, Wyoming. Not really a sign, but it is a cool sculpture
Lewis and Clark Auto Tour in Nebraska

And yes, there is a motel named after them from one of my “hometowns” – Bozeman, Montana

Lewis & Clark Motel in Bozeman, Montana

While on the subject of hotels and neon signs, how about a few more

Motel La Loma – Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Route 66
Lexington Hotel – Gallup, New Mexico – also on Route 66

This isn’t a hotel sign, but its a fun neon sign

Lucy’s Fried Chicken – Austin, Texas

Another big L name in the United States is Lincoln…for Abraham Lincoln of course.

Lincoln Heritage Trail – Shawneetown, Illinois
Lincoln Highway Sign in Ohio
Lincoln Hotel – Butte, Montana

Then there are the many towns that start with L.  I’ll start with one that we visited on Valentine’s Day 2020…

Loving, Texas Post Office

Plenty of Loving in Loving I guess…

Loving Cafe – Loving, Texas
Loving Baptist Church – Loving, Texas

Then there is Lost Springs, Wyoming…one of America’s loneliest places.

Lost Springs, Wyoming. When I took this back in 2012 its population was 1. Visited again in 2017 and it had jumped 400%!!! Population 4.
Lost Springs – Population 4

Believe it or not, they welcome you and even have a post office

Welcome to Lost Springs, Wyoming
Lost Springs Store and Post Office. Sadly, they were closed the day we were there.

Remember Lizard Lick Towing from TV?  Well, there REALLY is a Lizard Lick!  I have been there.

Lizard Lick, North Carolina
Welcome to Lizard Lick Towing
Ah heck, let’s throw the Licking Lizard in too. He sits on top of the only gas station in town.

Let’s now jump all the way across the U.S. to Long Beach, Washington.  They lay claim to the longest beach in the continental U.S.

Long Beach, Washington
Long Beach Welcome Sign

Just down the coast is the lovely little town of Langlois, Oregon

Welcome to Langlois, Oregon
Langlois, Oregon Post Office
Lostant, Illinois – If the ant is lost, how do they know what direction it is in?
Last Dollar Ranch – Menard, Texasollar Ranch

And then there is Lame Deer, Montana in the mountains.

Lame Deer, Montana
Light, Arkansas – see the light?
Light Baptist Church – Light, Arkansas

There are many mural sigs welcoming you to the towns.  Here are a couple of good ones.

Welcome to Historic Lampasas, Texas
Lindenwald, Ohio
Welcome to Luling, Texas

And finally, the one from the geographic center of Kentucky

Greetings from Lebanon, Kentucky
Historic Sign of Lebanon

And then there is the Lebanon water tower in Missouri

Lebanon Water Tower in Lebanon, Missouri

And our only L state….

Welcome to Louisiana
Another Louisiana sign with my grandchildren

And now for a few more random L signs

The Local Hive Cafe sign – This can be seen in a number of places. A vintage sign for cafes
And my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky has the Local Wag

Go into the very small town of Taylor, Nebraska and you can get some good food food at the Lazy D

Lazy D Restaurant – Taylor, Nebraska
Little House on the Prairie – Independence, Kansas (taken in 1992)
Liberty Park – Twinsburg, Ohio

And I can’t forget the fascinating Little Bighorn National Monument

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument – Crow Agency, Montana

And in another National Park Facility in Tennessee

Leatherwood Ford in Big South Fork National Recreation Area and also on the amazing Sheltowee Trace

Finally, I want to mention a couple of places I have been to in the past, but they are no longer in operation sadly

First, have any you ever visited Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville?  It was an amazing and whimsical place to get breakfast and lunch.  I really miss the place.

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe used to be in Louisville, Kentucky and it was a classic!

And after a couple of the Lessers passed away the old general store was apparently closed down.

P. Lesser and Son General Merchandise, Chappell Hill, Texas

Speaking of L things….how about Less Beaten Paths of America?

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