AtoZ Challenge 2020 – 8154: An Epic Road Trip – The Y Stories #atozchallenge

In early 2020 I traveled across the country with  the course of three weeks.  My A to Z posts this year will have the “8154” theme, which will also be the title of my forthcoming new book that will document the epic road trip.  Each entry will highlight a few stories with photos based on the alphabet and not the order of the trip.  I hope you will enjoy this bouncy ride across the back roads of America.  Please enjoy the Y Stories. (all photography by David “Sumoflam” Kravetz)

EnjoY the rYde  as we drYve Across America – Part Two

Throughout the course of our 8154 Road Trip, there was not anything with an X or a Y in it.  So, I thought I would take readers on a Virtual Road Trip along the highways of America as seen from our eyes. Part One took readers from Kentucky to Idaho. Part Two today will hit the remainder of our trip.  So, travel along with us and check out the scenery from our 23 day trip from Kentucky to Washington, down the Pacific Coast and east through the southwest and Texas. Enjoy the Ride!

Washington Highways

US Highway 2 near Reardan, Washington

Downtown Davenport, Washington

US Highway 2 west of Davenport, Washington

Downtown Hartline, Washington on US Highway 2

US Highway 2 east of Waterville, Washington

US Highway 2 west of Waterville, Washington

Approaching the Cascades on US Highway 2 near Orondo, Washington

US Highway 2 along Lake Wenatchee in East Wenatchee, Washington

Lake Wenatchee as seen from US Highway 2 in East Wenatchee, Washington

Driving on US Highway 2 in Leavenworth, Washington

Downtown Leavenworth, Washington

US Highway 2 west of Leavenworth, Washington on the way to Stevens Pass

US Highway 2 west of Leavenworth, Washington on the way to Stevens Pass

Snow-covered roadside on US Highway 2 at Stevens Pass in Washington

Heading downhill from Stevens Pass on US Highway 2 in Washington

WA Hwy 522 near Monroe, Washington

Tall tree lined Long Lake Road in Port Orchard, Washington

View of Hood Canal from Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck, Washington

Downtown Shelton, Washington

Tree-lined WA Hwy 3 south of Shelton, Washington

Bridges over the Chehalis River on Washington Hwy 107 in Montesano, Washington

US Hwy 101 north of South Bend, Washington

Forested US Highway 101 near South Bend, Washington

Crossing the Astoria – Megler Bridge on US 101 from Chinook, Washington into Oregon

Oregon Highways

US 101 crossing the wide Columbia River from Washington into Oregon

Astoria-Megler Bridge just north of Astoria, Oregon on US Highway 101 crossing over the Columbia River

The drive through Fort Stevens State Park near Hammond, Oregon

US Highway 101 north of Bandon, Oregon

Downtown Bandon, Oregon

A Pacific Coast scene from US Highway 101 near Gold Beach, Oregon

California Highways

US 101 Trinidad, California

US 101 near Scotia, California on the approach to Redwoods National Park

CA Hwy 254 – Avenue of the Giants – in Redwoods National Park near Scotia, California

CA Hwy 254 through the Redwoods near Redcrest, California

Looking up at the Redwoods on CA Hwy 254 near Redcrest, California

US Highway 101 near Penngrove, California

The Golden Gate Bridge and US Highway 101 as seen from Mill Valley, California

Crossing Golden Gate Bridge on US Hwy 101 into San Francisco

Crossing the Bay Bridge on Interstate 80 from San Francisco, California

Driving on the California Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) near Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

A lovely view of Big Sur as seen from CA Hwy 1

CA Highway 46 east of Cambria, California

California Hwy 46 through Paso Robles, California

CA Hwy 41 near Shandon, California

California Hwy 41 near Avenal, California

California Hwy 41 near Stratford, California

CA Hwy 198 heading east towards the Sierra Nevadas near Visalia, California

CA Hwy 198 heading to the Sierra Nevada range near Exeter, California

Another view of the Sierra Nevada range from CA Hwy 198 near Exeter, California

CA Hwy 198 in Lemon Cove, California

California Hwy 198 near Three Rivers, California

After entering Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Climbing altitude in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Driving through the giants in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Driving through the giants in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Amazing giant trees in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Up high in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Driving through the giants in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Heading back down the road in Sequoia National Park on CA Hwy 198.

Driving into sunset on California Hwy 65 near Terra Bella, California

Sunrise on Interstate 15 heading east near Yermo, California

Interstate 15 heading into Baker, California

Interstate 15 near Baker , California

Interstate 15 east of Baker, California

Interstate 15 heading east just south of Nipton, California

Nipton Road heading to Nevada near Nipton, California

Nipton Road heading towards Searchlight, Nevada

Nevada Highways

Driving the Joshua Tree Highway, Nevada Highway 164 west of Searchlight, Nevada

Nevada Highway 164 near Searchlight, Nevada

Nevada Highway 163 near Laughlin, Nevada

Arizona Highways

Arizona Highway 68 near Bullhead City, Arizona

Welcome to Williams, Arizona on US Route 66

Arizona Highway 64 from Williams, Arizona

US Route 66 in downtown Holbrook, Arizona

Interstate 40 near Chambers, Arizona

Interstate 40 heading east into Ganado, Arizona

Interstate 40 in Ganado, Arizona

New Mexico Highways

Interstate 40 eastbound near Continental Divide, New Mexico

US Route 66 / Interstate 40 near Casa Blanca, New Mexico

Interstate eastbound heading into Albuquerque, New Mexico with the Sandia Mountains in the background

Interstate 40 heading east into Moriarty, New Mexico

Stateline Road (NM 348) between Texico, New Mexico and Farwell, Texas

Texas Highways

Texas FM 1075 near Happy, Texas

Downtown Quitaque, Texas

Downtown Turkey, Texas

Downtown Matador, Texas

Downtown Crowell, Texas

Texas FM 1919 near Seymour, Texas

Texas Highway 70 near Flomot, Texas

Interstate 20 heading east near Longview, Texas

Heading north on Texas FM 2198 near Karnack, Texas

Louisiana Highways

Louisiana Highway 2 near Vivian, Louisiana

Louisiana Hwy 170 in Vivian, Louisiana

Interstate 49 heading north of Vivian, Louisiana

Arkansas Highway

Interstate 30 near Donaldson, Arkansas

Tennessee Highways

Crossing the Mississippi River and entering Tennessee on Interstate 40 near Memphis, TN

Kentucky Highway

The Bluegrass Parkway heading towards Lexington on the final leg. This is near Elizabethtown, KY


I am currently working on my FOURTH book, titled “8154” to represent the mileage of my epic road trip with family.  You can visit my Amazon Author Page to see my other books at


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