8154: What’s a Trip Without Faces?

In early 2020 I traveled across the country over the course of three weeks with my daughter and three grandchildren.    During this trip we traveled 8154 miles across 20 states and visited over 100 destinations, saw all sorts of animals, all sorts of geography, 10 National Parks and Monuments, various state parks, oceans, deserts, mountains, beaches, grasslands, canyons and more. This is the fifth of a few posts about some of the fun from this EPIC Road Trip. 

In this post I am sharing FACES. What is a trip without faces?  And over 8000 miles of travel opens up the opportunity to see all kinds of faces — family, friends, strange people, aliens, wild animals, birds, art, statues and who knows what else?  Here are 125 of them. Enjoy the Read! Enjoy the Ride! And, most of all, Enjoy the Faces! (all photography by David “Sumoflam” Kravetz)

These photos are being posted in a haphazardly fun manner.  No rhyme or reason or order.  Just an assemblage of 125 faces.  I’ll try to add commentary where applicable.

Strange Batman
Seagull in Oregon
A welcome women in Leavenworth, Washington
Daughter Amaree, her husband Aaron and their youngest kiddo Benson.
Handsome cowboy in Davenport, Washington
How can leave out a Uranus promotion?
George W and Thomas J at Mount Rushmore
A smiling snowman somewhere on the road
A soda drinking wildcat
Visiting high school friend Joyce Bradford Walker in Bozeman, Montana
You looking at me?
Tex Ritter and Bob Wills in Turkey, Texas
How about some good In n Out Burgers?
Something fishy in Oregon
Happy cousins Livvy and Joselyn
Faces of those lost at Little Bighorn (third one back is George Custer)
Soaking in the rain in Raymond, Washington
Louie R. Keen, the Mayor of Uranus
Who knows?
A white egret taking a gulp in Uncertain, Texas
Tui and Larry Snider
Here’s Wilbur…in Wilbur, Washington
A highway dedicated to Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Funny faces seen somewhere on the road
Guitarist / Music Producer Jimmy Jackson in Santa Cruz, CA
Hungry Dino in Holbrook, Arizona
Friendly visitors?? Baker, California
Buck shot! New Mexico
Big crow hood ornament (in a fancy Porsche) at the Grand Canyon
Smiling Sandhill Cranes flying over Texas
The Captain – Aaron Applebaum on Caddo Lake
A Barney Fife sighting!!
An angry Barstow cowbird
Making music in Raymond
James and Jacque Ferreira in southern Oregon.
A nice Crow Indian in Montana
I don’t like cameras!!
Fred — A sleepy but friendly Alien in Uranus
A real pioneer
Some family — including my sweet wife on the left
A crusty old eagle in Long Beach, Washington
Couldn’t resist adding a second shot of the ever-jovial and always PUN-ishing Mayor of Uranus, Louie R. Keen
A smiley mermaid in Sebastapol, California
A smiley and Happy Davey
Rocky Raccoon
A content young man in Nebraska
A thumbs with the Clam Chowder Chef at the Chowder Stop in Washington
This is how a Dino says howdy
Enjoying the ride with family and friends
All gussied up
A handsome sheriff
Hanging with the grandkids in Washington
Peace Out Alien
The old flying Pegasus from Mobil Gas
Take a ride with me on the highway to hell!!
This is the best smile I can do for you
Jim and Kathy Aspinwall in California with their big aluminum toy
No, I am not a moose!! Just an old Oregon elk
C’mon Grampz!
Visiting high school friend Melody Chapman-Kurk in Bozeman
A what-cha-ma-call-it
The Staredown
A happy fisherman
Growly Grizzly in Montana
What? Another Barney Fife sighting??
Modern Bigfoot
Chillaxin Gull
The Psycho Donut nurses
I want some donuts!
Steering us to the bast places — Aaron Applebaum
Paul Bunyan in Klamath, California
I am sad today
A smiley donut
Hanging with a friend in California…he’s a smart and creative dude and a fan of Sumoflam apparently
Bigfoot is gonna get you
Can I take you order?
Me and Jimmy J
Jos showing off her dance moves in the desert
Thomas Allen shows off his awesome balsamic products in Ukiah, California
James’ smile is infectious
Mother and son
Taking a selfie or mixing up a potion?
Watch this trick!
Dignified chief
Welcome to Taylor, Nebraska friend
Teddy and Abe
Lewis and Clark
Who cares where the beef is?
Another eagle?
Paul Bunyan in small form
Oh deer
Howdy partners
Larry Snider…
Whoa…watch out for this canoe!
I’m prepared
Visiting with Debbie McMasters in Santa Cruz
A face only a metal mama could love
Benson’s Flaming birthday
You like this pose?
My favorite almost adopted kind of sweet French Fry Barbara G
Please gimme some lovin..
Mom and kids at the canyon
Don’t ask…you don’t wanna know
One of us is Psycho
A mooving scene of udderly happy bovines
Some random kid in Texas
Another handsome cowboy…they are everywhere!
Enjoying a sunset with mama
Leavenworth smiley guy sign
Yep..another eagle…the best one
Almost back home
Here’s lookin’ at you
Hanging with my friend Teri Chambers in Bozeman
A silver bird…but not a plane
Hanging with my good Bozeman High School friend Alex Milne in Washington
Thanks for visiting with Davey


I am currently working on my FOURTH book, titled “8154” to represent the mileage of my epic road trip with family.  You can visit my Amazon Author Page to see my other books at https://amzn.to/3azY36l