Roadtrippin’ 2020: An Overview

With family at Stitch the Dragon on the Tail of the Dragon (US 129) in Tennessee

The year 2020 has been a tough year for many people around the world.  Its thrown me for a few loops as well.  But, overall, as I look back on the year, it has been an absolutely amazing one.  In fact, this may very well have been one of my biggest domestic road tripping years ever.  Including the 8154 epic road trip in January and February, I put on an additional 4-5000 miles.  Following are some of the highlights,  which will be covered in separate posts over the next few days.

Many of the trips included some of my children and grandchildren.  We had some mini-reunions together.  From the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, to the Pacific Ocean, Sequoia National Park and the Grand Canyon, we saw so much.



Interstate 90 in Montana
Hurricane Point in Big Sur on CA 1 in California
Driving through the Joshua Tree forest in Nevada
With family and friends on the swamp in Caddo Lake in Texas
Prairie Dogs in South Dakota
US Highway 16 in Wyoming
Playing with seagulls in Long Beach, Washington

In 2020 these were some of the things that happened:

  • Visited 26 U.S. States
  • Visited 12 National Parks / Monuments
  • Visited 15 State Parks in various U.S. states
  • Crossed over 8 of America’s top 10 longest rivers
  • Witnessed the major migrations, both North and South of the amazing Sandhill Cranes
  • Did two book signings
  • Was featured in three podcasts about my books
  • Drove over 5 major mountain ranges
  • Saw America’s geographic diversity as we crossed through deserts, mountains, grasslands and prairies, major river valleys, one major ocean, swamps, etc.
  • Drove on some of America’s most famous scenic highways – the curvy ones, the crazy ones, the scenic ones
  • Saw and photographed over 100 large outdoor murals
  • Saw at least 25 bald eagles in 7 different states
  • Saw all sorts of fun wildlife up close
  • Drove on countless US numbered highways and interstates
  • Saw the largest trees in North America
  • Visited numerous sections of the famed Route 66
Route 66 mural in Moriarty, New Mexico
A buddy raccoon in Tacoma, Washington
Tightwad Bank in Missouri
Welcome to New Mexico
US Route 16A – Iron Mountain Road in Custer, South Dakota
Welcome to Happy, Texas
A bison in Custer State Park, South Dakota
A bald eagle on US Highway 2 in North Central Washington
Aliens in Baker, California
A dinosaur in Holbrook, Arizona
The Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco in the background
The Astoria-Megler Bridge as seen from Astoria, Oregon
Some of the giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park
Bridge over the Ohio River on KY Hwy 56 near Sturgis, KY
Left-Hander for Life by Paul Loehle mural in Hamilton, OH
A buck staring us down on a back road near Muleshoe, Texas

It was truly a productive and fun year.  Over the next few days I will highlight some of the themes above.  I took over 20,000 photos from road trips in 2020, so there will be plenty to look at in the coming days.

As always, Enjoy the Ride!