Sumoflam’s #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: Wanderlust

Last year I decided to take on a challenge from my author friend Tui Snider, namely, to participate in the 2016 Bloggers A to Z Challenge.  It was not easy.  The rules of the challenge are to post 26 blog posts, one a day, except on Sundays, and all based on a self-defined theme and in alphabetical order. You can see my entire list of last year’s posts with links on my Reflections Post from May 2016.  Check it out at

Ultimately, despite the grueling challenge, I have decided to tackle it again this year.  Read more to see the theme!

Travel the US

As a travel blogger (and sometimes blogger of things odd and quirky and offbeat), I plan on keeping my theme along the same lines.  From the time I was 5 or 6 years old I have had a wanderlust-filled life. My desire to see the world has continued into my 60th year of life.


My best definition of wanderlust comes from one of my favorite authors, J.R.R. Tolkien.  He is famed for the quote “Not all those who wander are lost.”  This comes from a poem (“All That is Gold Does Not Glitter“) in “Fellowship of the Ring,” one of the three books in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Not All Who Wonder….

The unique thing about WANDERLUST is that it doesn’t just have to be on travel.  It can be defining course in one’s life.  I even created a Selfie Meme with a play on Tolkien’s words.  “Not all who wonder are uncertain.”  Life is full of discovery and I hope to show a few wanderlust discoveries over the month of April.

Novelist Roman Payne wrote in “Europa: Limited Time Edition

Wandering is the activity of the child, the passion of the genius; it is the discovery of the self, the discovery of the outside world, and the learning of how the self is both “at one with” and “separate from” the outside world. These discoveries are as fundamental to the soul as “learning to survive” is fundamental to the body. These discoveries are essential to realizing what it means to be human. To wander is to be alive.

US Highway 2 near Browning, Montana and US Highway 89

So, come wander with me along the glorious paths of discovery as I chart a course from A to Z in April.


16 thoughts on “Sumoflam’s #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: Wanderlust

  1. Eva

    This is my first time here, thanks to the A to Z Challenge. I feel curious about where your wanderlust is going to lead the readers…

    My theme is going to be a bit of the same, but through postcards, as my blog is about all postal things.

    1. Sumoflam Post author

      I will have a small theme every day and will write something pertaining to the theme. For instance might be theme of the back roads and I will talk about how back roads can feed the Wonderlust and will have photographs, some text and essentially some details about backroads travel. My queue is going to be “quickie” and I will talk about how Wonderlust has led me to many quirky and unusual sites around the country and I will have a few examples in my post. Should be fun

  2. Arlee Bird

    Good to see you back for another round of A to Z. I enjoyed your posts last year and look forward to more of the same this year. I’m such a road junkie.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out