AtoZ Challenge 2020 – 8154: An Epic Road Trip – The F Stories #atozchallenge

In early 2020 I traveled across the country with one of my daughters and three grandchildren.  We traveled 8154 miles through 20 states over the course of three weeks.  My A to Z posts this year will have the “8154” theme, which will also be the title of my forthcoming new book that will document the epic road trip.  Each entry will highlight a few stories with photos based on the alphabet and not the order of the trip.  I hope you will enjoy this bouncy ride across the back roads of America.  Please enjoy the F Stories. (all photography by David “Sumoflam” Kravetz)

Friend, Nebraska

I am always looking for places with friendly names such as Friendly (in West Virginia), Friendship (in Arkansas) and others.  Nebraska has a Friend which resides along US Route 6 southwest of Lincoln.

Friend, Nebraska

Flying C Ranch  – Moriarty, New Mexico

I continue to share photos of Bowlin’s fun billboards.  This one advertises the Flying C Ranch, which is near Moriarty, New Mexico off of Interstate 40 and Route 66.  They apparently have a Ginormous Selection!!

Bowlin’s Flying C Ranch near Moriarty, New Mexico

Fun Fishing Signs – Uncertain, Texas

Fishing Pox sign as seen in Uncertain, Texas
Another Fisherman sign in Uncertain, Texas

Fire Engine – Matador, Texas

As we drive through Matador, Texas, we came across this cool old fire engine.  Couldn’t resist taking a few shots of it.

Old Fire Engine in Matador, Texas

Foothills Visitor Center – Sequoia National Park in California

Sequoia National Park is big and they have a few Visitor’s Centers.  We stopped at the Foothills Visitor Center for the kids to get their Junior Ranger Badges.

Foothills Visitor Center for Sequoia National Park

First United Methodist Church – Happy, Texas

I really had wanted to visit Happy, Texas and, while there, I saw this pretty cool sign that actually “Welcomes You to Happy.” This double play was a good one. Made my Happy.

First United Methodist in Happy, Texas

Fisherman’s Wharf – San Francisco, California

When you visit San Francisco, this is really one of the best places to visit in the city.  Lots of good seafood and some great sourdough bread!

Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

Fort Stevens State Park – Hammond, Oregon

Fort Stevens State Park is just off of US 101 in the northwest corner of Oregon.  Once you cross the Columbia River from Washington into Oregon, you are practically there.

One of the real draws is the old Peter Iredale Shipwreck, which I will go into detail about in my P Stories.

Fort Stevens State Park near Hammond, Oregon
Peter Iredale Shipwreck located in Fort Stevens State Park

Farwell, Texas

Not too far from Clovis, New Mexico you can drive through Texico, New Mexico and then across the tracks into Farwell, Texas.  The two towns share a road (Stateline – TX 348), much of which is actually a well-managed dirt road.

Welcome to Farwell, Texas


I am currently working on my FOURTH book, titled “8154” to represent the mileage of my epic road trip with family.  You can visit my Amazon Author Page to see my other books at


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