AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The C Signs #atozchallenge

Welcome to another year of the AtoZ Challenge.  This year I am doing signs that I have seen across the country.  This post will feature signs associated with the Letter C.  ENJOY THE RIDE!

We can’t avoid signs.  They are everywhere.  Advertisements, informational signs, directional signs, business signs and, sometimes, even humorous and fun signs.  Each of my posts in this years’ challenge will feature a hodgepodge of signs I have come across in my travels.  In most cases, I’ll also note where they were taken.  Some were actually inside of shops or otherwise, so not all will have locations.  I hope you enjoy this fun trip each day of April.

Say Cheese!  Beloit, Wisconsin

If you think my posts are kind of cheesy, you’ll find this one to be particularly so.  There are all kinds of Cheese signs out there and plenty of cheese places.  Here are a few.

Heini’s Cheese in Charm, Ohio. They gladly cut the the cheese for you and they have parking in the rear

Head to Mt. Airy, North Carolina for Mayberry Cheese…yes, THAT Mayberry.

I got to visit Colby, Wisconsin. It may be the home of Colby Cheese, but I couldn’t find any in town.

How appropriate…they are Kutting the Cheese in Corfu, New York

Oak Grove Cheese in New Hamburg, Ontario

The Big Cheese at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio

And then my all-time favorite…I have posted this many times…

Mapleton Taxidermy & Cheese Store – Mapleton, Ontario

Don’t like cheese?  About some enticing chocolate?

Chocolate sign at the Sweet Palace in Philipsburg, Montana

Chocolate Kingdom at Daffin’s in Sharon, Pennsylvania

Then there is the Chocolate Chicken in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

And let’s not forget that Hershey’s stuff

Like the giant Hershey Bar in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Yes, I have visited Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

But, beware, if you go to Voodoo Doughnut in Austin and ask for a chocolate donut (or any other for that matter), its Cash Only

Cash Only sign at Voodoo Donut in Austin, Texas

And, if you want to complain about it, visit the Complaint Department in Clarkson, Kentucky.  Just press the Red Button for service!

Complaint Dept. seen at K’s Cafe in Clarkson, Kentucky

Speaking of food things…what in the world is Chicken Plop?  I saw this sign in Brothers, Oregon

Chicken Plop sign in Brothers, Oregon (no idea what Chicken Plop is…)

Does this sound yummy?

Chorizo Quesadilla Watermelon Shake – Lexington, Kentucky

And then there is “Cultured Butter.”  Must be well read eh?

Cultured Butter at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati area. This butter listens to classical music and reads Shakespeare

You can wash all that food down with the coldest beer in Static, Kentucky

Charlie’s — Coldest beer in Static, Kentucky. I think it is the only beer in Static!

There are also many unique cemeteries to be seen out on the back roads.  Here are some of my favorites…  These places are to die for and are usually the dead center of town.

Happy Cemetery in Happy, Texas

Delight Cemetery, Delight, Arkansas

Fairy Cemetery in Fairy, Texas

Storey Cemetery in Lincoln County, Tennessee

Cloudy Cemetery, Cloudy, Oklahoma

Belcherville Cemetery in Belcherville, TX

I have a number of signs of towns that begin with the letter C.  Here are a few hodge podge ones.

Cleveland Ohio Sign

Custer, South Dakota

Coulee City, Washington

Chelsea, Oklahoma on Route 66

Chelsea Motel in Chelsea, Oklahoma

And in Chelsea, Michigan there is this place

Chelsea Teddy Bear Company in Chelsea, Michigan

Comfort, West Virginia (You have to go through Tornado and Hurricane to get here)

Charm, Ohio (Home of the Heini’s Cheese Factory — see above)

Cloudy, Oklahoma

Crazy Head Springs in Montana

Chunky, Mississippi

Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

And finally…for this post….

Closed Sign — sorry. Taken in Helenwood, Tennessee

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15 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The C Signs #atozchallenge

  1. Brett Minor

    A few years back I went to a Mayberry festival in a small town in central Indiana. They had the best Barney Fife impersonator I have ever seen. They also had Aunt Bea, Andy, Floyd the Barber and several others.

    The festival kicked off each year with an OPIE lookalike contest.

    1. David Kravetz Post author

      About 2 hours because I have to grab the photos, add captions, tags, etc. rack letter takes about that long, but I have fun doing them Pooja

  2. vidya

    I thought I would mention which one was my fav but gave up towards the end as I loved each and every one….
    Earth definitely needs to be kept safe, we all need our chocolate:)
    And after passing through Hurricane and Tornado, anything would be Comfort, I think..

  3. diedre

    I blogged about Carhenge once. Not sure anyone believed it existed. Thanks for proving it 😉
    These signs keep me smiling all day!