AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The G Signs #atozchallenge

Welcome to another year of the AtoZ Challenge.  This year I am doing signs that I have seen across the country.  This post will feature signs associated with the Letter G. ENJOY THE RIDE!

We can’t avoid signs.  They are everywhere.  Advertisements, informational signs, directional signs, business signs and, sometimes, even humorous and fun signs.  Each of my posts in this years’ challenge will feature a hodgepodge of signs I have come across in my travels.  In most cases, I’ll also note where they were taken.  Some were actually inside of shops or otherwise, so not all will have locations.  I hope you enjoy this fun trip each day of April.

This daily blogging is really a gas!  Speaking of gas, how about a few gas signs?

An old Mojo Gas sign seen in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Magnolia Gas Sign – don’t remember where I got this one.

Vintage Texaco Gas Pumps in Decatur, Texas

Dino Gas — Decatur, Texas

Gas Sign in Arco, Idaho

Vintage Crown Gas Pumps – Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Vintage Gulf Pump makes for a great frame. RM Brooks – Rugby, Tennessee

The old Mayor Louie Keen in Uranus, Missouri is always coming up with clever shirts and more for his huge tourist shop on Route 66 in Central Missouri.

Uranus Gas ‘N Lube Company – Uranus, Missouri

And there are some goody places to eat on the road too like:

Goody Goody Diner in St. Louis, Missouri

Gronk’s Grill and Bar in Superior, Wisconsin

Glenn’s Bakery – Gallup, New Mexico

Golden Burro Cafe in Leadville, Colorado

And we can’t forget a great Philly Cheese Steak at Geno’s in Philadelphia!

Geno’s Cheese Steaks in Philadelphia

Speaking of Golden…do you believe in the Golden Rule?

Golden Rule Wall Mural – Philipsburg, Montana

Golden Rule sig on the Beer Can House in Houston, Texas

Then there are interesting places that have names beginning in G

Gravel Switch, Kentucky

Welcome to Gallup, New Mexico

Glendale, Kentucky

Goobertown, Arkansas

Gorilla Country – Solomon, Kansas

Grulla NWR – Texico, New Mexico

German Village – Hamilton, Ohio

Gold Beach, Oregon

Gregory, South Dakota

Like Solomon Kansas, Gregory is also home to the Gorillas.

Greasy Corner, Arkansas

And in Galata, Montana a nice old vintage motel sign

Motel Galata in Galata, Montana…a real ghost town now

Speaking of ghosts, there are other spooky things out there, like the Green Monster of Flatwoods, West Virginia.  This story has been featured in numerous TV shows.

Green Monster Sign in Flatwoods, West Virginia

The Green Monster in Flatwoods, West Virginia (its on the right….)

Do you ever wonder which way to go?  I do…so I just follow the signs.

Go This Way — I need one of these!! Paradise Point Marketplace in Scottsville, Kentucky

And a few more randomly fun G signs….

Got Hippo?  Seen in Hutto, Texas, home of the Hippos

Glenn Goode in Texas is a collector of Muffler Men, Uniroyal gals and more. Gainesville, Texas

I like Guilt Free Zones!!  Can’t find them very often.

Guilt Free Zone – Philipsburg, Montana

Guitar Walk – Cavanaugh Park in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Gator Chateau – Jennings, Louisiana  You can actually hold a live gator here!

Holding a baby gator at the Gator Chateau

And there is Gator Parking at P’Maws Bait Shack

Gator Parking at P’Maws Bait Shack in Pierre Part, Louisiana

Chillicothe, Missouri claims to be the Glove Capital of the World

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4 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The G Signs #atozchallenge

  1. diedre

    Ack! You were holding a baby gator?

    So that’s the Green Monster! Out here we have “The Thing” It’s advertised for miles around, and when you get there…
    Glenn’s Bakery would be great after a stop in the Guilt Free Zone 😉