AtoZ Challenge 2021 – Signs Signs – The K Signs #atozchallenge

Welcome to another year of the AtoZ Challenge.  This year I am doing signs that I have seen across the country.  This post will feature signs associated with the Letter K. ENJOY THE RIDE!

We can’t avoid signs.  They are everywhere.  Advertisements, informational signs, directional signs, business signs and, sometimes, even humorous and fun signs.  Each of my posts in this years’ challenge will feature a hodgepodge of signs I have come across in my travels.  In most cases, I’ll also note where they were taken.  Some were actually inside of shops or otherwise, so not all will have locations.  I hope you enjoy this fun trip each day of April.

Naturally, I like the letter K…  Kravetz begins with K, Kentucky begins with K, King begins with K and Kind begins with K, to name a few.  Here are a few signs from all over the U.S. that have some relation to K.  Let’s start off with the world’s most famous frog….

The Birthplace of Kermit the Frog – Leland, Mississippi

Kentucky is the “birthplace” of Kentucky Fried Chicken, though the actual first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was started in Murray, Utah (where I graduated from high school).  It opened in September 1952.

Kentucky is the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can see this sign in Corbin, Kentucky.

Speaking of Kentucky…Welcome to Kentucky.  This is a unique sign because I don’t know of many, myself included, who knew that this slogan was a thing.  In fact, I looked a bit on Google to see if I could find our who coined that slogan.

Welcome to Kentucky – the Front Porch of the South
Kentucky Theatre – one of America’s good old theatres. They had closed during the COVID Pandemic, but here’s hoping for a rebound.

And a quick jump over to our other K state – Kansas

Welcome to Kansas

I promise that no animals have ever been killed in my posts, but you will find a Killbuck and a Killdeer.

Killbuck is up in Central Ohio This is the old train depot building

A Killdeer is a unique bird.  When I took this photo a few years back I didn’t know a Killdeer was a bird.  Naturally, I do now.

Killdeer Rd. in Wittenberg, Wisconsin

Do you like Kale?  Someone doesn’t.  I saw this little sticker somewhere out on the back roads of America.

Kale – the new waterboarding

I don’t want to leave out the Knight Museum in Alliance, Nebraska.  This is one of about a dozen places in the United States sells my travel books.  Alliance is the home of Carhenge and the museum manages the facility.  Great people there. If you visit Carhenge, please make sure to also visit the museum.  It is really a nice one.

Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, Alliance, Nbraska
Kamilche Trading Post – Kamilche, Washington
Kamilche has a nice tall totem pole too.

I mentioned King up above.  Well, this town in Arkansas is the birthplace of the king of country music, Johnny Cash, who is also well known for my theme song – “I’ve Been Everywhere” even though Hank Snow originally made it famous.  Let it be known that I have actually been to 90% of the places that are mentioned in that song!

Kingsland, Tennessee- Birthplace of Johnny Cash
King of Kensington is a unique shop in the Kensington District of Toronto. Cool little area.
Kings Hill Summit is in Montana on US 89 south of Neihart in the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

Then there is the really funky place in Kingston, Washington.  About a dozen huge wooden sculptures.  I loved my visit here.

Kountry Korners Krazy Kreatures – Kingston, Washington

I have never been to Russia, but I have been to one of the two Kremlins in the United States.  This one is in Montana on U.S. Highway 2.

Kremlin, Montana

Probably the antelope capital of the world, Kemmerer, Wyoming is out there in the middle of nowhere.

Kemmerer-Diamond, Wyoming
Krampus Kave – Leavenworth, Washington
Kit Carson Trading Post – Kit Carson, Colorado

I know I used this photo in the C post for 2021, but why not have the guy Kut the cheese one more time.

How appropriate…they are Kutting the Cheese in Corfu, New York

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