Towns of America A to Z: The G Towns #atozchallenge

Golly Gee Willikers another A to Z post.  Today I post about places that begin with the letter G. As with all of my posts, I have been to all of these places and all of the photography is mine as well.  I never write about places I haven’t personally visited. I’ll start out with something Goode, but then who knows where the trip will take us??

There will be stuff to gnaw on and I am sure we may even discover gold along the way!



Do you like to look for Muffler Men and Uniroyal Gals?  Well, a quick drive by Gainesville will get you a chance for some major selfies with the big guys and gals!! Glenn Goode has a number of them on display.  Fun fun!

Sumoflam at Glenn Goode’s in Gainseville, Texas
Glenn Goode in Texas is a collector of Muffler Men, Uniroyal gals and more.


Welcome to Gallup, New Mexico

Gallup is a main stop on New Mexico’s section of Route 66.  Lots of old stuff here…old motels, old neon signs and other Route 66 fun.  It is also on the Navajo Reservation so there are plenty of Navajo tourist shops as well as plenty of good food.

Gallup does like to exclaim that they are the “Most Patriotic Small Town in America,” but I am not sure how they came about that.  I have seen plenty of patriotic small towns across our great country.

El Rancho Motel – Gallup, New Mexico
Sands Motel – Gallup, New Mexico
Desert Skies Motel in Gallup, New Mexico (on Route 66)
Golden Desert Motel, Gallup, New Mexico
Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico


Grants, New Mexico

While on the subject of Route 66 and New Mexico, how about a visit to Grants, New Mexico, just down the road from Gallup actually.  Grants is only 78miles west of Albuquerque and has a population of just over 9,000. It is located along the Trails of the Ancients Byway, one of New Mexico’s scenic byways.  Unlike Gallup, which is on the desert, Grants sits at 6,460 feet elevation.

The highlight of Grants is the big Drive-thru Route 66 sign, which I took full advantage of.

Grants, NM drive-thru sign (opposite side)
Grants mural
The Roarin’ 20s Restaurant vintage Neon in Grants, New Mexico


Let’s face it…Green Bay, Wisconsin is a DIE HARD football town.  It is probably one of the smallest cities to be home to a football team and these fans love their Packers!  Everything is football!

The famed Vince Lombardi coached the packers for many years. This statue is at Lambeau Field.
This is a football chandelier for sale in the Packers Gift Shop.
Footballs as Building Pillars — well, if in Green Bay, then yes!
Even the Sinclair Dinos are dressed for Packer Fandom in Green Bay


Gothenburg is famous for the Pony Express in Nebraska.  It got its start on April 3, 1860 in St. Joseph, Missouri,  and one of the way stations for the riders was located  in Gothenburg. When Stage Coaches got rolling, it then became the Overland Trail Stage Station from 1862 to 1931.  There is also plenty of pioneer heritage in the town and much can be seen at the Sod House Museum.

Old Pony Express Station in Gothenburg, Nebraska
Sod House Museum barn in Gothenburg, Nebraska
Giant hand plow at the Sod House Museum
A native American on a horse — sculpted out of barbed wire. There is a huge buffalo there too.


Gardiner, Montana is located at the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  You go through the massive and historic Roosevelt Arch at this entrance.

The Roosevelt Arch at the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park


Welcome to Gillette

Let’s head down to one of the southern gateways of Yellowstone.  Gillette, Wyoming was incorporated in 1892 and is considered the “Energy Capital of the Nation” because of the high grade coal reserves nearby as well as nearly 13,000 oil wells.  As a draw to their town, they have really focused on the visual art with murals and sculptures around town.

Large cowboy mural was painted by Harvey Jackson.
This turtle sculpture is called Poco a Poco Se Va Lejos and was created by Pokey Park
You can sit with Abraham Lincoln on this bench sculpture by Gary Lee Price


Oregon’s US Highway 101 is a lovely drive and a stop at Gold Beach is a must!!  The views are amazing.  The Pacific Ocean is grand and there are many rocks.  Its a great place!!

Welcome to Gold Beach, Oregon
Beach view at Gold Beach on US 101
Giant waves crash into the beach at Gold Beach, Oregon (those are my granddaughters)
Another ocean view from Gold Beach


Unlike Gold Beach in Oregon, Gold Bar is set in the middle of the beautiful Cascade Mountains.  A lovely drive.

Welcome to Gold Bar, Washington
The Cascade Mountains as seen from Gold Bar, Washington on US Highway 20

And now for a few other quickies for fun

Galata, Montana

An old ghost town now, there is still the fun neon sign as seen from US Highway 2

Motel Galata in Galata, Montana…a real ghost town now

Gnaw Bone, Indiana

Yes, there is a place called Gnaw Bone and I wished I had BBQ ribs instead of finger to gnaw on.

Gnaw Bone, Indiana

Goobertown, Arkansas

Goobertown, Arkansas

Greasy Corner, Arkansas

Greasy Corner, Arkansas

Gregory, South Dakota

Gregory, South Dakota
Claim to be the Pheasant Capital of the U.S.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Smiley Water tower in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Back side of water tower is blinking

Great Bend, Pennsylvania

An old post office sign

Old Great Bend, Pennsylvania Post Office sign

Greenwater, Washington

Naches Tavern – Greenwater, Washington – home of a big Sasquatch
Bigfoot and me at Naches Tavern in Greenwater, Washington

Guthrie, Kentucky

I am going to finish off with a fun couple of sites in Guthrie, Kentucky

Giant Holstein Cow with Pink Sunglasses in Guthrie, Kentucky
Big pink elephant advertising the lottery in Guthrie, Kentucky
The BBQ mobile at Red Top BBQ in Guthrie, Kentucky


Hope you enjoyed the ride! 

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  • I live in a town with a name that starts with G. Grand Island, New York. There used to be a claim that Grand Island was the largest freshwater island in the world until it turned out that it wasn’t. It’s almost twenty six miles around and would make a great spot for a marathon. in fact, a half marathon is planned for early May!

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