Towns of America A to Z: The O Towns #atozchallenge

It may not yet be Obvious, but this one should be an Outstanding post about O towns as seen from my eyes.

This is your Opportunity to visit the Only  town named Only

I hope you find this post Noteworthy while also swinging by a couple of  and even one that is just Okay. I’ll bring you some Obscure places and many Offbeat attractions in this post as well.



Oddville, Kentucky

I am going to start off with one close to home here in Kentucky, where I live.  Oddville, Kentucky can be found on US 62.  The place was established in 1799 and the name was apparently chosen so that its post office, which operated from 1851 to 1903, would have a unique name.

There is not much in Oddville nowadays.  Just a church and a few houses.  And the occasional weird traveler that takes selfies!

Sumoflam in Oddville, Kentucky


While on Odd things, I also came across the Odd Post Office in West Virginia a few years ago.  This one is out in the boondocks.  In fact, the Post Office is really the only building besides all of the residential buildings that dot the area.

Odd, West Virginia Post Office


Opportunity, Montana

A couple of years ago I was driving on Montana Highway 1 (the Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Highway) to drive through Anaconda and I came upon an Opportunity.  Really!!  It was a community named Opportunity, so I took it and ran!

Their Facebook Page states “City of Opportunity, where the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Look in any directions and see the great Rocky Mountains.”  And its true, as the town is nestled in the mountains.

Opportunity Fire Dept – Opportunity, Montana
Montana Hwy 1 near Opportunity


Olympia, Washington

I’m gonna jump to a bigger city now.  Olympia is the capital city of Washington and has the quirky and fun feel of places like Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.  I got to meet some friends there and eat a nice breakfast in a building that used to have some unique activities. It had a billiard room, dance hall girls, burlesque shows, among other things. And the food is still good! The Spar was opened in 1935 and promised to have “the finest eating and recreation parlor around.    I found some amazing murals around the town as well.  I loved my visit to Olympia!

The Spar Cafe…entertaining since 1935
Inside Olympia’s Spar Cafe…some unique art!
Sumoflam with the Spar Motto from 1935
A HUGE Marvel Mural in downtown Olympia. Is your Marvel Superhero in it?
A lovely Pink Panther mural in Olympia
One of the muraled walls of the Puget Sound Estuarium in Olympia.
The Olympia Film Society painted a lovely mural on the side of a downtown theatre.


Only, Tennessee

There is only one Only in the United States and it is located in Tennessee near Interstate 40 and Tennessee Highway 50.  There is not much on the history of this small community.  It does have a Post Office and, even better, has the Only Baptist Church.  I guess all of the others aren’t really Baptist Churches?

I did not see the Post Office when I drove through.  Not sure if it is still around.

The one and only Only Baptist Church
The Only Rd. to Only, TN
This way to the Only Baptist Church


Okay City Hall

Most Americans know that Oklahoma is called the “OK State.”  What most DON’T know is that there is also a town in Oklahoma called Okay.  This quaint little town is just north of US 62 near Muskogee. (Yes, the same US 62 that passes through Oddville, KY!!)  The town has about 600 Okay souls that enjoy their Okay town, their Okay Churches and their Okay Schools.  Everything in town is Okay!!

Even the fire department is Okay
Okay Christian Fellowship Church – Okay, Oklahoma
Even the Police are Okay Police


Ocean City, MD on the Atlantic Ocean

I was very fortunate to spend one Christmas on the Atlantic Coast in Ocean City, Maryland.  A really cool touristy town. Funky shops, quirky golf places, good food at places with funny names.  And lovely sunrises.  My Christmas morning was made when I got a lovely sunrise with a dolphin swimming by!

We spent five days here and it was a very memorable experience.  They have a great Christmas/Holiday light show in town during the holidays.  Well worth the visit.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on Christmas morning with a dolphin swim by.
Another of Peter Toth’s Whispering Giants stands proudly overlooking the Atlantic on Ocean City’s Boardwalk.
Yes. You gotta have crab cakes in Maryland!
In the mood for some good food? I heard that Big Pecker’s is really good.
After burgers you can visit Dumser’s for homemade ice cream. It was great!
Did I mention crabs?
They have crabs!
So does this place… loved this amazing crab mural at the Crab Bag

And now a few quick shots of other O towns

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Sunrise on Old Orchard Beach on the Atlantic Coast in Maine (a couple of my grandkids in the background)

Oatmeal, Texas

Yes, there is a place named Oatmeal near Bertram, Texas. They have the “Most Oat-Rageous Festival” in Texas.

Oatmeal Festival in Oatmeal, Texas

Okemah, Oklahoma

Birthplace of Woody Guthrie and home to the Hot and Cold Water Towers

Welcome to Okemah
Woodie Guthrie and the Hot and Cold Water Towers in Okemah, Oklahoma
Woody Guthrie St. – Okemah, Oklahoma

Old Potter, Arkansas

Old Potter in Arkansas

Oak Creek, Colorado

Not much there, but they  do have two amazing murals!

Amazing Dragon Mural on the side of a Chinese restaurant in Oak Creek, Colorado
Meditative mural in Oak Creek, Colorado

Oil City, Louisiana

Oil City, Louisiana
Big Oil tower and gear in Oil City, LA

Oil Springs, Ontario

Oil Springs, Ontario. Site of the first commercial oil well in North America
One of dozens of metal sculptures by artist Murray Watson in Oil Springs, Ontario

Oregonia, Ohio

Not much here, but the place sits on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail and is frequented by bikers and also by bikers of the motorized type. Called the Little River Bar & Grill.  A cool little spot.

Little River Bar & Grill – Oregonia, Ohio
Lots of License Plate art in Oregonia
US Map made of license plates in Oregonia

Orr, Minnesota

Home of the giant blue gill.

A giant bluegill statue welcomes visitors to Orr, Minnesota and Pelican Lake

Otterville, Ontario

Last stop on this trip is up in Canada for a view of the nice waterfalls of Otter Creek in Otterville, a former small train stop on the Grand Trunk Railroad (Yes, THAT band took their name from the railroad – you know, Grand Funk Railroad)

Otterville, Ontario
The falls of Otter Creek Dam in Otterville, Ontario

Well, another trip is done.  Hope you enjoyed the read and also enjoyed the ride!

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