Red River Gorge – Slade, KY: A Different Look

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[caption id="attachment_22070" align="alignleft" width="300"] Slade, Kentucky Welcome Sign[/caption] Ofttimes when we visit a place, we have a destination in mind.  The Red River Gorge area of Kentucky is one of those places.  Visitors typically are focused on visiting beautiful and expansive views of the gorge, hiking some of the well known trails, taking a hike up to the Natural Bridge or something else. This past weekend (August 31, 2019) I took my wife to the area fora hiking meetup.  This left me with a three hour window to do other things.  I am not able to hike some of these trails right now because my knee has been causing problems. [caption id="attachment_22105" align="alignnone" width="525"] Red River Gorge[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22100" align="alignnone" width="525"] Red River Gorge Scenic Byway[/caption] So, after dropping my…
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