Two Days to Dallas: Day 1 – Idaho Falls, Idaho to Eagle, Colorado

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[caption id="attachment_4478" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Flowery Meadows near Hayden, Colorado[/caption] On June 12 I commenced on a trip to Dallas, Texas from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  This would be a long two day trip, but I certainly wanted to hit some places I had never been before.  So, on Day 1 I ventured south through Pocatello and then onto Eagle, Colorado, about 588 miles.  Following is my route map for Day 1. View Larger Map - Idaho Falls, ID to Eagle, CO Just near the hotel I stayed at in Idaho Falls, there was an amazing Eagle Sculpture in a roundabout.  This is a HUGE work and is quite stunning.  Called "The Protector", it is touted as the "World's Largest Eagle Monument" and was unveiled in the fall of 2006.  The work…
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FOOD FOOD FOOD – Part 4: Some Leftovers – Huevos, Poke Sallet, Poutine, Pea Meal and more

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Customers Needed - Toronto, Ontario[/caption] As I have traveled the many back roads of the U.S. and Canada I have seen hundreds of places to eat, many of the are the normal fast food places (we all know THEY are).  But, there are also many other unique Mom and Pop shops, small drive ins, BBQ joints and burger places.  I have covered the main stops from my last 8 or 9 years of travel, but there are many more I have passed along the way and a few that I didn't cover in the previous three posts.  I will touch on them here, though most of them with a photo and a comment or two.  Enjoy! The Leftovers - More of the Places I have been [caption id="attachment_3681" align="aligncenter" width="300"]…
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FOOD FOOD FOOD – Part 3: Donuts, Bakeries, Pies and other sweet places on Less Beaten Paths

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Voodoo Doughnut - Portland, Oregon[/caption] that the BBQ and Chicken Fried steaks are done, how about something sweet?  Nothing like fresh donuts and pies!!  But who needs the chains?  How about some great independent bakeries and doughnut places?  Every Picture Tells a Story, Doughnut? Voodoo Doughnut - Portland, Oregon [caption id="attachment_3540" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Voodoo Doughnut[/caption] Voodoo Doughnut is probably one of the most unique doughnut places in the world (not just the U.S.)!!  Yes, they have amazing doughnuts, but they also have stained glass windows and even a wedding chapel.  They have been featured on dozens of food and travel shows as well.  And, by the way, make sure to bring cash if you want to eat.  That is all they take. [caption id="attachment_3537" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Doughnuts at Voodoo[/caption]…
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FOOD FOOD FOOD – Part 2: Barbecue Places and Diners on Less Beaten Paths

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[caption id="attachment_3350" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Arthur Bryant's - Kansas City[/caption] As I travel across these great United States (and Canada too) perhaps the most common sight along the way is Barbecue (BBQ) places and diners, big and small.  Following are a few of the places I have visited (or at least passed and wished I had time to stop in for a visit....). Hillbilly Hot Dogs - Lesage, WV [caption id="attachment_3361" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hillbilly Hot Dogs - Lesage, WV[/caption] Ever eaten at a junk yard?  Ever had enough guts to do so?  Well, if you head north of Huntington, WV along the Ohio River to the small little village of Lesage you can do just that at Hillbilly Hot Dogs.  A junk collector's dream and a neatnik's nightmare! [caption id="attachment_3364" align="aligncenter"…
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FOOD FOOD FOOD – Part 1: Restaurants and Cafes on the Less Beaten Paths

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Maid Rite - Lexington, MO[/caption] One of the important facets of traveling the less beaten paths of America (and Canada) is the food.  As I travel the country, I look for good food at local places. This post covers some of the restaurants, steak houses, cafes and fine (or semi-fine) dining places.  Subsequent FOOD posts will include Diners/Drive-Ins, Barbecue Joints, Burger Places and Bakeries/Donut Shops. [caption id="attachment_3217" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Food - Cozy Dog, Springfield, Illinois[/caption] Ric's Grill - Lethbridge, Alberta Ric's Grill - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada [caption id="attachment_3227" align="aligncenter" width="324"] Ric's Grill - Dinner in a Water Tower[/caption] Ric's Grill is one of those REALLY unique places to eat.  I visited Lethbridge on a cross-country trip from Kentucky to Washington in 2005.  I have friends in Lethbridge who took us…
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A few sites in Southeast Idaho – Idaho Falls and Blackfoot

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Potato Museum - Blackfoot[/caption] While in Rexburg for the last week of March and the first week of April, I had the opportunity to take a couple of trips south to Blackfoot and Idaho Falls, where I was able to catch a few of the interesting sites in the area.  I even caught an amazing quarrel between a Canadian goose and a couple of seagulls. Idaho Falls [caption id="attachment_2336" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The waterfalls on the Snake River.  Idaho Falls, as they are called, were once rapids on the Snake[/caption] Idaho Falls is a nice little town at the base of the foothills with the Snake River running through the middle of town.  It is currently the largest city in Southeastern Idaho with a population of nearly 57,000 and a metro…
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In and Around Rexburg, ID

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Rexburg, ID[/caption] I spent two weeks in Rexburg from March 11 thru March 25, 2013 working on a job possibility.  During my free time I spent a good deal of time in town and also looking around town and some of the surrounding areas. [caption id="attachment_2176" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Rexburg LDS Temple at sunrise[/caption] Perhaps Rexburg is best known for its LDS (Mormon) population, BYU-Idaho and the Rexburg Temple of the church (shown above). But Rexburg is also famous as the town that was practically destroyed by the Teton Dam Flood in June of 1976 (see story here).  The town has been totally rebuilt since that time. [caption id="attachment_2179" align="aligncenter" width="448"] More murals from downtown Rexburg[/caption] Rexburg is kind of in a bowl, with mountain ranges all around it.  To the…
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A Visit to Heaven: Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Tetons

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Grand Tetons[/caption] March 13, 2013:  Today was heavenly...WOW!! I spent the day with my niece and her husband and we traveled east from Rexburg over Teton Pass to Jackson, Wyoming and then north to Grand Teton National Park. Jackson, WY and Grand Tetons [caption id="attachment_2123" align="aligncenter" width="199"] "Mountain Man" by Steve Horn - Horn Mountain Gallery in Tetonia, ID[/caption] Our first stop on the road to Jackson was in Tetonia, ID. We made a stop outside of Horn Mountain Living to get the shot of the "Mountain Man" sculpture above, which was done by Steve Horn.  Steve moved to Teton Valley over 30 years ago and lived as a mountain man prior to that. He is completely self-taught and gives his Creator full credit for his abilities. He has since…
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I've Been Everywhere – Part I: The Collector

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Am I Normal? Who knows?[/caption] As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated with statistics and numbers.  I have also been a collector.  As a young fifth-grader in Dallas in the late 1960s, I was already obsessed with statistics.  I looked at baseball boxscores daily and kept my own tabulations of most homeruns, doubles, RBIs, etc.  I also had a huge collection of bottlecaps from sodas.  I would pick them up a couple of times a week at the 7-11 (which in those days was really open from 7 AM to 11 PM).  I had bags of them and would lay them out in the driveway and count the various types...Coke and Pepsi were always the clear leaders, followed by Dr. Pepper, 7-UP and Sprite.  But I…
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