A to Z Challenge: The R Towns #atozchallenge

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During the month of April I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The challenge has each blogger select a theme and then do a post thematically from A to Z during each day of April , except Sundays. My blog is number 1337 out of 1670 participating blogs. This year my A to Z posts will take you across the back roads of America to many unique what other bloggers will be posting about, check out the link: A to Z Theme Reveal List for 2016 The R Towns Roswell, New Mexico [caption width="300" id="attachment_15661" align="alignnone"] Let's Crash in Roswell wall art[/caption] [caption width="300" id="attachment_3278" align="alignnone"] Have a Coke and a Smile?? Coke machine in Roswell...[/caption] [caption width="300" id="attachment_15663" align="alignnone"] UFOs in Roswell[/caption] [caption width="300" id="attachment_15660"…
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