Towns of America A to Z: The N Towns #atozchallenge

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Whether Naughty or Nice, its always fun to travel the back roads of America to discover interesting places. Viewing Natural scenery on Narrow roads can be Nourishing to the soul. Obviously, on my trips I do come across sites that may be Nutty or Notorious or even Nostalgic. I hope you find this post Noteworthy despite some sense of Normal. ENJOY THE READ!  ENJOY THE RIDE! NICE, CALIFORNIA I choose to be nice and never be naughty,  Therefore, I was excited to make my way into the beautiful area known as Nice in California.  And we'll start it off with a big Welcome to Nice!! [caption id="attachment_32576" align="alignnone" width="700"] Welcome to Nice - California[/caption] NEAH BAY, WASHINGTON [caption id="attachment_32028" align="alignleft" width="300"] Welcome to Neah Bay, Washington[/caption] Neah Bay represents the…
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